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During this challenging time, being stressed or having a little anxiety is understandable and totally normal!

When stuck in isolation, we can often forget how good it is to be stuck at home with our kids.

Previously,  I felt guilty for not being able to spend more time at home with my kids.

Now we’ve got all the time in the world (or at least for the next little while), we should make this challenging time, a happier, more meaningful and memorable time.

My goals over the next little while

  • Spend more quality time with my kids
  • Learn more online
  • Organise my home a little more

Spending quality time with your kiddos

To spend some more quality time with my kids, I did a little planning.  Thankfully, there are so many resources out there and so many are now FREE!

I’ve hand0-selected the best resources my kids LOVE and have separated them into different time slots Work together, Watch together, and Own time (the real important one we all need).

Work together

My kids and I enjoy doing things together no matter if its little art crafts, science projects, cooking, exercising, board games or even chaos time (the kids love it and I love it too).

Here are my top resources, give them a go!

  • Arts & craft – Creative ideas on easy-to-made art crafts for all ages of kids with free printable
  • Science project – Home-made creative projects and science experiments to inspire kids’ curiosity
  • Kids Kitchen – Hands-on cooking classes for your kiddos, now all from home
  • Fit4Life  – Fitness Activities for everyone – Give Zumba a try

cooking together

Watch together

Like any family, we enjoy watching movies together, but for something a little more educational or different, ballet or museum touring are also good choices!

watch together

Own time

My kids enjoy reading during their own time.

When I suggested the National Geographic Kids Magazine and audiobooks from David Walliams, they loved them!

own time

Now that my kids are busy, I’ve started to do research for my online learning opportunity and home improvement projects – stay tuned for that!

All I can say is, treasure what we have and handmake a little happiness during this tough time.

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