As a state, approximately 3 BILLION beverage containers are generated each year and are the second most littered item.

Every container counts. Imagine what we could achieve when everyone donates.


So far, Ipswich Hospital Foundation has saved 185,790 containers from landfill through the Containers for Change initiative. From these containers, IHF has been able to invest $18,579 into local healthcare.

3 easy steps to recycling for IHF

1. Collect Eligible Containers

Eligible containers include plastic bottles, glass bottles, wine bottles, spirit bottles, cans, flavoured milk, poppers.

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a 10-cent refund.

Eligible containers must display the refund mark e.g. “10c refund at collection depots/points in participating State/Territory of purchase.

Please note that glass wine and pure spirit bottles are exempt from displaying the 10c mark until January 2027.

2. Return your Containers

There are four different types of refund points available in Queensland. Plus, containers for change offer a free home collection service. Check out the list of Queensland suburbs here


To donate your recycling dollars to Ipswich Hospital Foundation, use the member number: C10119921

3. Container Collection is available

This free home collection service allows you to cash in your containers for good from the comfort of home and is available in selected Queensland suburbs now. Booking a collection is easy – just select your pick-up date via the online booking form, we’ll collect directly from your home and your refund will be donated to IHF. Book your collection here


A donation of $10:

Can help fund Children’s Activity Packs.

These are designed to engage and entertain some of our smallest patients during both short and long hospital stays, offering them comfort and distraction.

A donation of $25:

Can assist with funding specialist equipment for West Moreton region patients to bring care closer to home.


A donation of $50:

Can help fund vital activities like the IHF Wig Lounge, providing critical and personalised service that is offered free of charge to patients who are over 18 years old, who have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment or other medical conditions.

A donation of $100:

Can help to fund vital projects and provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to refine clinical processes and bolster individual and team skills and ensure a high level of proficiency.

A donation of $200:

Helps where it’s needed most. Thanks to supporters, IHF was able to invest over $600,000 into vital equipment and healthcare initiatives across the region. But…there is a lot more work to be done!

Are you a WMH staff member?

Pick up an orange recycling bag from the Ipswich Hospital Foundation office (opposite Hayden Centre) to take home and collect your empties. You can then drop them back to the Ipswich Hospital Foundation office and we’ll recycle them for you. Don’t forget to use the blue bins positioned around the hospital while at work.

Add Ipswich Hospital Foundation to your digital wallet.

Scan the barcode when you return your containers.