We’re committed to supporting the delivery of quality healthcare to the community, which is why we need people like you to volunteer with us in whatever way you can.

Volunteers like you give their time, skills, energy and passion which enables Ipswich Hospital Foundation to not only enhance the services and support that we offer but increase this support right across our region.

We are lucky to have so many committed and long-serving people who make a huge contribution to our community, and we are looking forward to acknowledging their incredible efforts.

As an Ipswich Hospital Foundation Volunteer, you will

  • Be doing something you’re passionate about
  • Have a real impact and make a difference in our community
  • Meet new friends and like-minded people
  • Get support from our Volunteer Coordinator
  • Recognition at events during the year
  • Receive complimentary parking and uniforms, if required
  • Receive discounts on future events
  • Build new skills with ongoing training and development

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What we’ve achieved so far has only been possible thanks to our amazing volunteers who continually make a difference in our community every day.

Tessa Grimes

I started volunteering with the Hospital Foundation in April 2020 and I have loved being a part of such a vibrant and supportive community. I work in communications but wanted to use my writing skills in a way that gives back to people in need so I joined the marketing and media team. If you have considered volunteering at all in the past, do not hesitate to give it a go at the Foundation and join one of the best organisations with some of the most interesting and beautiful people!” – Tessa

Volunteering with the Hospital Foundation and completing an Internship with their Media & Communications Team at university gave me the career head start I needed to land my first job. Now, I’m the Marketing Manager of the Foundation.” – Brendan

Malcolm Volunteer

“As a Volunteer, I have the pleaser of knowing I am doing something that helps others and keeps me active” – Malcolm

Libby the Volunteer

“I started Volunteering at the Hospital Museum as I didn’t want to just sit at home, I wanted to do something meaningful and as a volunteer, I could contribute to society and my local community. Volunteering gives you a sense of contributing to both society and your local community; it’s a very worthwhile job. If others share the same passion, we’re always on the lookout for people to join us!” – Libby

Man facing the camera in a doctors office

“I wanted to make myself useful, so I started Volunteering with the Foundation at the Hospital. I enjoy socializing and working in our great team. Helping others out and giving a hand when someone needs is so rewarding. If anyone asks me if I would recommend the Foundation, it’s a definite yes!” – Sovanna

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