Balance your Work & Life

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Staying home has now become a responsibility, rather than just a duty.

Being stuck at home all day in isolation and working from home can be challenging.

It can often feel like work never ends and you never get to come home and relax after we clock off like we once did.

Here’s how you can balance your work and life a little more.

Rise and shine

Walk and refresh yourself every morning

Getting your heart pumping a little in the morning can really refresh your mind and set you up for success for the rest of your day.

  • Go for a walk or a jog, feel the fresh air and get some Vitamin-D.
  • Tune into one of our LIVE Virtual Fit4Life Classes or stream one of our pre-recorded ones form your living room.

Separate workspace and playspace

Create your own workspace

Having work and home in the same place can be challenging at the best of times. Give yourself balance by trying to separate the two the best you can.

  • Dedicate a space where you’ll be working – here’s how to work from home the right way
  • Plan your work hours and stick to it – Clock on at 9am, clock off at 5pm.
  • Make sure you take your breaks…away from your laptop.
  • Try these Quick and Easy Stretches throughout the day too.
  • Keep in touch with your colleagues often. Communication and socialization in the workplace are still very important.

Food, Folks, and Fun

Eat healthy, stay healthy

Keeping your health in check is essential, especially now in this pandemic. However, make sure you have fun, and still enjoy life!

  • Don’t stress if you’re snacking a little more or your diet isn’t A+ like before – life’s changed, it’s ok!
  • Aim for the recommended 5 veg, 2 fruit a day.
  • Aim for 2L+ of water a day.
  • Cook food you love for the people you love.
  • Get the kiddos involved – Virtual Kids Kitchen is the perfect opportunity for them to have their turn in the kitchen.
  • Have your meals with your family away from the screen (phone, laptop or TV).

Take some YOU time

Cultivate new skillsWe know how good it is and we’ve always said we would, but now’s the time to finally take that ‘you’ time you’ve always promised yourself.

Time a little time every day to do what makes you happy. I’m saying at least 30mins+ if you can!

  • Take a nap or meditate.
  • Read your favorite book.
  • Try gardening with these tips.
  • Dance the work away – Zumba is one of my faves!
  • Spend quality time with others. Say ‘hi’ to your mum for me.

Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe.


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  • Varun says:

    Those are some great tips, which all must inculcate in their lives for more productivity and creativity especially at a testing time like this!

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