Overcoming the new parenting challenges of COVID-19


Parenting is not an easy job, especially in our new circumstances.

Our new 24.7 routines now juggle managing kids, teaching our kids, working from home, tons of housework, and whatever else gets thrown our way.

To overcome some of these new parenting challenges, we’ve got a few ways to help.

Change that mindset

During isolation, there have been a few times my husband and I have felt guilty for a few things like working a little less productively at work or not able to engage our kids in home-learning as we expected.

It can be frustrating but I’ve found a slight change in thinking can make a world of difference

  • Admit that parents are not perfect, we are learning too
  • Don’t compare yourself with other families, we are all different
  • Lower that standards bar
  • Keep peace in your heart (this will lead to peace at home)


Home-learning isn’t just 9-3

If you’re finding home-learning with your kiddos a challenge, you’re not alone! My kids are easily distracted by anything and everything (something I am too recently).

Teaching your kids at home and keeping them engaged isn’t just from the book or solely from school. We can learn anywhere, anytime.

You’d be surprised how much your kids can learn from life experiences at home. Get them helping with chores, cooking, and gardening with you at home.

Turn your house, kitchen, and garden into a classroom

  • Virtual Kids Kitchen – Hands-on cooking classes for your kiddos, now from home
  • Chores for Kids – An excellent guideline of chores for kids of different age group and how to motivate them
  • Garden Classroom – Great sharing on how to convert our garden to be a classroom
  • Virtual Fit4Life – Fitness activities for all fitness levels


Quality time together

The online list of activities your kids can do at home is now endless. However, spending real-time with your kids isn’t something to forget!

One-on-one time with Mum and Dad along with time spent with their friends (even over FaceTime) is important for your kids.  They need this now more than ever.

I aim to spend a little time each day one-on-one with my daughter, our favorite things to do are:

  • Going for a bear hunt around the block
  • Afternoon tea in the backyard
  • Pillow talk
  • Cooking in the kitchen

Letting your kids stay connected with their friends via virtually is important too. If you need some tips on cyber safety, we’ve got six for you too!


Parenting is a hard job with even more challenges nowadays. However, it’s also a highly rewarding job full of love, kisses, hugs, and sweet memories.

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