Have no fear, Joanne is here

By December 3, 2020Uncategorized

In honour of International Volunteer Day on December 5, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of our volunteers.

Chatting with Joanne about her experience was one to remember.

She has made a positive impact towards outpatients at the hospital and is widely known for her friendliness and eagerness to help around.

Joanne’s journey proves that there’s always a silver lining when faced with difficulties in life.

 “My parents were in palliative care and after they passed away, it inspired me to give back to the community,”

Fast forward after 3 years of volunteering, she sure has made fond memories with the IHF family.

“We’re always surrounded by supportive people, especially with the staff,”

Being right by the patient’s side, whether through guiding them at the main entrances or simply comforting their time at the hospital makes the moments extra special.

“It is truly a rewarding experience.”

Joanne’s commitment towards her position as a volunteer is what Ipswich Hospital Foundation is all about.

We’ve got plenty of volunteer positions for different areas in the organization to ensure that we become the Healthiest Community in Australia. There’s even one waiting for you at our Volunteer Hub!

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