Get crafty with Elizabeth

By December 7, 2020Uncategorized

To celebrate International Volunteer Day, we’re letting you get to know some of our incredible volunteers like Elizabeth!

In our opinion, Elizabeth is a true advocate of making the world a better place!

After she found the Craft Volunteer Club position on a news article, she took it as a sign and joined the team at Ipswich Hospital Foundation.

Elizabeth has now contributed her time and skills to the Foundation for over 2 years now – time flies when you’re having fun!

She combines her creativity and love for the community with her cuddly knitting creations that is made for patients to soothe their stay at the hospital.

To surround herself with likeminded individuals who enjoys the same activity makes it all even better.

“I’m able to socialise with other volunteers while knitting.  It’s a great environment,”

Besides the social aspect, knitting is also a therapeutic activity that keeps her brain sharp.

Elizabeth encourages others to volunteer due to the positivity it brings.

“I definitely recommend volunteering. Not only am I giving back to the community, but it also benefits myself.”

Doing something you love while also helping others is nothing short of pure happiness.

If you’re interested in joining our dream team, we’ve got plenty of positions available at our Volunteer Hub!

Can’t volunteer? You can still get involved by donating to our local causes, every dollar helps another!

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