Curing Homesickness Project

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With sincere thanks to Coles and The Common Good via the Curing Homesickness Project, three Massimo Rad-97 oximeters are making a difference in Ipswich through outpatient oximetry monitoring at home.

The advantage is for children with sleep disorders, for example obstructive sleep apnoea or sleep disordered breathing, which will help to inform the urgency of treatment.

Previously, overnight oximetry was achieved by admitting the child to hospital but with these units we are able to loan them to parents to do oximetry at home and then they return the unit and the overnight recording can be downloaded and analysed.

Received in August 2023, these three Massimo Rad-97 oximeters and associated software is valued at $10,000 are being well utilised.


Image Netherlund Iopu and Clinical Nurse Anitha Bharathan


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