Confidence, in the shape of a wig

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Living with cancer is tough and for some, hair loss (also called alopecia, a side effect of cancer treatment) can often be the worst part of the disease.

As you could imagine, losing your hair would make you lose confidence in yourself and feel self-conscious about your appearance.

The simple things like going out to the shops, or even getting dressed up to go out to dinner with confidence are things we all take for granted with a full head of hair, while it’s a challenge for those with cancer.

Feeling confident is just a wig (free of charge) away

However, not all hope of having confidence while living with cancer is lost though with a wig or turban at hand (or on head).

Ipswich Hospital Foundation’s Wig Library has a wide range of wigs in various colours, lengths, and styles to suit any complexion.

Turbans in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns are also available, all at a zero cost to patients who can use them for as long as they need.

With a wig by your side on your head, anything is possible

Some ladies will try on up to ten wigs of all different colours and styles until the right one is found for them.

Watching these patients walk out with the wig on and feeling on top of the world with a new-found sense of confidence is priceless.

However, returning the wig is the best part. It’s a euphoric milestone for everyone. Knowing they no longer need it; the treatment is over, and their hair is growing back.

It takes a community to support cancer sufferers

Having adequate support and care throughout a cancer journey is vital and helps patients cope better with treatment and lifestyle changes.

The Wig Library is run by friendly, trained volunteers who donate their time, energy and goodwill to help those in need.

In a time in need, your donation can bring confidence too

The variety and range of quality wigs and turbans available at the Wig Library free of charge for patients is only made possible by the generous donations of locals in our community.

Quality wigs can cost anywhere up to $400.00

If you’re wanting to help bring hope and confidence to those affected by cancer, you can!

Donations are always appreciated to purchase great quality wigs (which can cost up to $400) and wig care items like brushes and special wig shampoo (about $90 per patient) – make an online donation now.

If you’re looking to make an appointment for a wig or turban fitting, please contact us.

Donate to the Wig Library now

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