Coffee Catch-ups: No better time to ask, R U OK?

two people drinking coffee at a coffee shop

Now restrictions are lifting, I can finally have a cuppa with my girlfriends in real-life instead of our previous, zoom-life!

During my recent (and very noisy) catch up over coffee with my girls, I noticed one of my friends was a little quieter than usual.

When the two of us were able to chat just by ourselves, I asked if she was ok.

Initially, she kept saying that she was ok but at last, she burst into tears and said she was not ok.

As I told her (and I want to share with you), it’s always ok to not be ok.

There hasn’t been a better time than ever to ask the question, ‘are you ok?’

With coffee shops now back open, schedule a coffee catch-up with your friends and family, and have a real catch-up.
If you’re worried about someone, start a conversation. R U OK say it could change, or even save, a life.
With all that’s been happening the last year, it’s important to acknowledge the challenging times we’ve all been through.
It’s totally normal and ok for anyone to be stressed, worried, or overwhelmed.
If you’re worried about someone, you can ask: “How are you going?” or “How are you finding everything at the moment?”
For some people, taking their minds off the current situation may help. R U OK suggest these conversation starters:
  • “What’s your favorite comfort food?”
  • “What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?”
  • “Which three people would you love to share a meal with?”
  • “What is the best room in your house? Why?”
  • “What’s bringing you joy at this time?”
  • “What are you doing for yourself at this time?”

Now, you don’t need to be an expert to reach out and ask the question, you just need to be a good friend and a great listener – incredibly easy over coffee in my opinion.

For those who aren’t a coffee fan, here are some other ways to ask the question

  • Send a message by text
  • Send a private message over social media
  • Meet up on a walk around the block
  • Meet up at the dog park
  • Write a letter
  • Pick up the phone and call

If you’re stuck or want to know how you can help ask ‘are you ok?’ in your friend groups, family or in the community, learn more from RUOK?

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