6 ideas for Mother’s Day in isolation

Although you can’t take mum to her favorite café or on a fun experience this Mother’s Day, there are many ways to make her feel special while in self-isolation.

Bring the restaurant home.

Let’s face it: who doesn’t love it when someone else does the cooking? The classic breakfast in bed is always a great choice. You can also set up a picnic in the backyard or even throw her a special high tea at the kitchen table. If you want to add a little something extra, try compiling a list of recipes from your friends and family and your own artwork into a special cookbook.

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Design a beautiful space.

When my brother and I were little, we would spend every Mother’s Day planting a beautiful potted garden on the front porch for my mum. Choose a special place for her garden outside like we did, or use our previous blog post as a quick guide to creating a beautiful indoor garden. You can also find a host of great resources online like this one if you want to get creative and build her a terrarium.

Give her the gold class experience.

Creating your own cinematic experience is the perfect Mother’s Day choice for any movie buff mum. Draw your own Gold Class tickets and food menu, set up the lounge room with comfy pillows and blankets, and show mum’s favorite movie. If you want to heighten the experience, give her a bell so she can “order” food and drinks just like at the theatre.

Take her on a treasure hunt.

If you want to shower your mum with love, why not send her on a treasure hunt? Figure out a series of hiding places around the home and garden and place a nice note, artwork or little gift at each along with a clue for how to find the next spot. Then you can have her big present or experience waiting at the end of the hunt.

Set up a home day spa.

The salon may be closed, but that doesn’t mean mum can’t enjoy a pamper session at home. Give mum a day of beauty by setting up a day spa in the living room. You can style her hair (no scissors!), do her make-up, or paint her nails. If you want to get really creative, Marie Claire has a range of face masks you can make with ingredients at home. Mum might not end up with a runway-ready look, but it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Get creative with arts and crafts.

One of the best things about the internet is that there are so many classes and experiences you can participate in online. There are a range of arts and crafts classes available online that can help mum discover a new hobby or hone her skills in something she already loves. Check out ClassBento or Cork & Canvas for some inspiration.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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