10 year old Poppy says thanks to our health workers

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Rory, Poppy and Louie smile at the camera sitting next to a waterfall

In spite of the uncertain times, we currently find ourselves in, 10-year-old Poppy is staying positive and says she’s grateful for the work of our health heroes. 

Poppy recently sent through a Hero-gram to say thanks to those putting themselves at risk on the front-line of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you to all of the health workers at Ipswich including our Daddy. You are all superheroes. Xx. Poppy from BrisbanePoppy decided to send the Hero-gram after seeing how hard her dad Shane was working to help people through the COVID-19 crisis. She wanted to “say thanks to all those people also doing that”. 

While her dad has been hard at work, Poppy has been staying positive at home with her two brothers, Rory (10) and Louie (4), and mum Amy. 

A family photo of Shane, Amy, Louie, Poppy and Rory

Shane, Amy, Louie, Poppy and Rory

The family has been keeping busy with puzzles, bike rides and chalk paintings. 

In fact, Poppy’s family has been using chalk paintings on their driveway to send uplifting messages to others. The latest chalk message encouraged passersby to “stay positive”. 

Poppy is urging others to “follow the guidelines and stay home”. Her dad is working hard at Ipswich Hospital and missing out on things as a result.  You can view the Australian Government’s COVID-19 guidelines here

She says that we should stay home because other “doctors and nurses with families are doing a lot of work” and are missing their families too.

Poppy encourages others to send their own Hero-gram saying thanks to our health heroes. She thinks “the people helping need a lot of support because it’s a tough time and we don’t know how long it’s going to go for”, and we can help by encouraging them.

You can say thank you to our healthcare workers and send your own Hero-gram here.singature button

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