Thank you to the Children’s Hospital Foundation for helping West Moreton’s littlest patients

IHF is thrilled to announce that the Special Care Nursery at Ipswich Hospital has received new, specialised equipment to provide extra care for their littlest and most vulnerable patients.

The new Panda Infant Resuscitaire helps to enhance care for newborns who need some additional help with their breathing, while keeping them warm and reducing the need for them to be moved between different pieces of equipment during care. It allows easier access for staff, and means infants are handled less during stressful times.

Around 25% of babies born at Ipswich Hospital spend time in the Special Care Nursery and it’s these newborns who will benefit most from the new equipment.

As well as raising funds through appeals and events, Ipswich Hospital Foundation sources funding through grants to help fund the purchase of vital equipment and innovations that benefit the West Moreton region and help bring much needed healthcare closer to home.

It is thanks to one such grant from Children’s Hospital Foundation (CHF) that Ipswich Hospital Foundation has been able to coordinate the purchase and delivery of the Panda Infant Resuscitaire for the Special Care Nursery.

This equipment will benefit countless newborns when they need it most, just like baby Noreen who was born at the Ipswich Hospital in early June 2024.

The new Panda Infant Resuscitaire


Baby Noreen

Baby Noreen was born following a Caesarean section, and, despite being born at full-term, required a little extra help with her breathing. As soon as she was born, Noreen was placed onto the Panda Infant Resuscitaire (CPAP) that she needed.

The new equipment meant that Noreen was able to relax in the Special Care Nursery (SCN) with her dad, as she waited for Mum to come back from theatre. The Special Care Nursery staff were able to observe her breathing whilst keeping her warm and comfortable, with Dad on hand to give her cuddles. The new equipment meant that Noreen was able to stay in the nursery for just a few hours of observation before being reunited with her mum.



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