Let’s Support the Regina & Vicki Doig Fund Morning Tea

By February 4, 2023Fundraising, Recent
morning tea

The beloved Ipswich charity event, Regina & Vicki Doig Fund Morning Tea 2023 will be hosted by Ipswich Hospital Foundation and Regina Doig’s younger sister, Vicki Doig, at Brothers League Club, 20 Wildey Street, Raceview on Saturday, March 4th this year.

The Regina & Vicki Doig Fund is a charity fund established by the Ipswich Hospital Foundation and Vicki Doig as a legacy for her sister who died tragically of lymphoma cancer at the age of just 39.

Regina Doig was a qualified music and language secondary school teacher. She gave her living body over to her doctors before her passing and fervently believed that with research, other lives could be saved in the future.

A familiar face to many, Vicki Doig is the former Director of the Milford Street Ipswich Kindergarten for 40 years and a proud, third-generation Ipswich resident.

Vicki is passionate about building the capability of the region through innovative medical research and wishes to leave a lasting legacy in her sister’s name to enrich the lives of people in the Ipswich and West Moreton community.

“I guess I never thought my sister would die of cancer. In 34 years, they have come so far in research. If she fell sick now, she may well have survived.

“This is why I want to start the Regina & Vicki Doig Fund – to assist with local medical research.

“She was a ballet dancer, a teacher, fluent in German and French, well educated, she was musical, highly intelligent, and shy.

“She believed girls could always achieve their dreams through education and when she believed in something, she would battle for anything,” Vicki said.

With the support from the event attendees and donors, the Fund will provide much-needed assistance in funding medical research by local researchers, for the benefit of the local community.

Last year over a hundred people attended the Morning Tea and donated to the Regina & Vicki Doig Fund. It was an event enjoyed by all.

Those wishing to secure their seats or donate to the Regina & Vicki Doig Fund please visit: https://morning-tea.ihfoundation.org.au/.