Gardens at Gatton Hospital have sprung back to life thanks to the Australian Industry Trade College

By March 20, 2023Fundraising, Recent

The gardens at Gatton Hospital have sprung back to life thanks to a working bee co-ordinated between the Ipswich Hospital Foundation (IHF) and the Australian Industry Trade College.

Thirty college students and staff spent two days clearing and replanting the hospital courtyard, staff garden and circular driveway.

The exercise taught the students practical gardening and leadership skills – and led to them getting some unexpected life advice.

While she had a willing audience, Director of Nursing Deb Woods planted seeds on healthy habits around sleep and nutrition and dished the dirt on vaping, drug-taking and consumption of energy drinks.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor Tanya Milligan welcomed the initiative by IHF and their partners and said it was a great demonstration of the commitment by the Foundation to support the rural hospitals within their district.

“Our local hospitals may not be as large as the Ipswich Hospital, but they are every bit as important to our community and it’s encouraging to see IHF understands the positive difference their support can make to us.

“In the past, our local hospital auxiliaries have had to fundraise for basic items and while that’s commendable of them, we welcome initiatives like today’s that give a real boost to our hard-working rural hospitals.

IHF Chief Executive Scott Young said community partnership projects were a key part of the Foundation’s vision.

“Projects like this one bring benefits to the community, the hospital and all those who take part,” Mr Young said.

“This project has been supported by Bunnings Plainland and Pohlmans Nursery, the Australian Industry Trade College, Southern Cross Transport, Gatton Hospital and Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

“But the real heroes of today’s story are the students who gave their time and energy to restore the gardens of this wonderful hospital.”

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