Ipswich Hospital Ward Courtyard Revival

By August 3, 2022Fundraising, Recent

Patients at the Ipswich Hospital will soon enjoy better rehabilitation outcomes thanks to the support of the Australian Industry Trade College (Ipswich) and Bunnings Bundamba.

As part of Ipswich Hospital Foundation’s ongoing partnership with the Australian Industry Trade College (Ipswich), 13 students and staff commenced work on reinvigorating the Rehabilitation and Stroke Ward (6B) courtyard of Ipswich Hospital. This courtyard is a communal space for the ward staff, patients, and their families.

Jude Brown, the Rehab and Stroke Nurse Unit Manager, began the day by giving the students a talk about what their ward does, the types of patients they see, and the importance of having an outdoor space for patients and families to meet. Jude also talked about how outdoor areas and recreational activities like gardening can help improve the rehabilitation outcomes of the patients in their ward.

Karen Bethune, the Wards Recreation Officer, put on a barbeque lunch and morning tea for the students and staff from Australian Industry Trade College.

Bunnings Bundamba kindly donated plants and gardening supplies to the project, including a wheelchair-accessible raised garden bed and hand tools for patients to use as part of their rehabilitation.

This activity will be one of many ongoing projects where the AITC students will put their skills into practice and participate in the planning and execution of these projects, all whilst improving the outdoor spaces within West Moreton Health.

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