Ipswich Hospital Foundation provides support for the provision of equipment, staff education, training, and professional development, health and medical research, and scholarships for West Moreton Health and our community.

West Moreton Health staff and members of our health community are encouraged to apply for funding to seek further learning, equipment upgrades, patient entertainment, therapy tools, and more.

How to apply for funding

West Moreton Health

To apply for funding as a member of West Moreton Health, please find the “IHF Application for Funding – Form” on the West Moreton Health Intranet.

Simply type “IHF” into the search bar and you will get an option to go straight to the form as the images below show.

Alongside the application form, you can also find the application funding process.

More information about funding and the process can be found in these documents.

TIP: The form is protected, you need to edit the document and open it in the desktop app to save your own copy before filling it out.

If you have trouble accessing these documents, please get in contact.

How to apply for funding

Health Community Member

To apply for funding as a member of our health community, please send an enquiry using the form below.

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