Ipswich Hospital Foundation provides support for the provision of equipment, staff education, training, and professional development, health and medical research, and scholarships for West Moreton Health and our community.

West Moreton Health staff and members of our health community are encouraged to apply for funding to seek further learning, equipment upgrades, patient entertainment, therapy tools, and more.

How to apply for funding

West Moreton Health

  1. Departments to identify equipment or resources required
  2. Department staff to obtain quotes for required items including delivery to 4305 (no funding will be passed through to IHF without quotes)
  • Must identify ongoing service costs of equipment and who will fund – WMH or IHF
    • If IHF, needs to be included in costs for funding
  1. Director of the department approves by email to department staff and email to the Executive Director of Clinical Services (Tel: 07 3810 1290)
  2. Executive Director of Clinical Services emails IHF CEO and Financial Controller with details of approved funding requests and quotes.
  3. IHF will respond to the Executive Director of Clinical Services with the outcome of the request.

Any departments or areas of WMH that believe they have current Funding Applications awaiting response are encouraged to submit via email to Executive Director of Clinical Services with details/background.

How to apply for funding

Health Community Member

To apply for funding as a member of our health community, please send an enquiry using the form below.

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