Let’s get to know one of our volunteers, Cloe Devlin

By May 10, 2022Volunteer

As a part of this year’s National Volunteer Week celebration, we will share stories about our wonderful volunteers and highlight their contributions to the local community.
Let’s get to know Cloe Devlin!

Hi my name is Cloe Devlin, I’m 20 years old and I’m a volunteer at IHF. I’m currently enrolled in a Diploma of Event Management at TAFE Queensland at the Ipswich campus.

So how did I become part of the IHF family?

In mid-April my TAFE teacher approached our class and said that Coco, the Volunteer Coordinator from IHF, had been in contact with her for some students to be part of IHF for some volunteer work. I thought what could be a greater opportunity than this, fundraising and learning how events work in the real world!

So I jumped straight on board.  I have been part of the Ipswich 100 and also the Woolworths Wall Token Campaign, raising funds for sick kids in hospitals. It was so much fun dressing up as the Easter Bunny and handing out Easter eggs to children in the local area.

The best thing that has happened since I have started volunteering is the high positive feeling you get knowing that you are volunteering for a good cause. The thing that motivates me through my volunteer role is knowing it’s for a good cause, but also all the friendly people that you meet along the way with IHF.

If you are considering volunteering for IHF, trust my advice—jump on board! The time you give is so important and so appreciated. The one thing I’m most passionate about is bringing joy to those that need it and this is exactly the job for it.