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Volunteers offer support at BreastScreen Qld

You can’t help wondering what chemotherapy is like and how long you might have to endure it for, and suddenly, you’ve talked your way into a diagnosis.

You’re spiraling understandably and look up from your magazine for some support. Don’t worry, you’ve got it in the Ipswich Hospital Foundation Volunteers.

The support team is at the Ipswich Service every Thursday to lend a caring ear for patients who have been called back for second appointments.

Glenda and Lorraine from our Volunteer team, have been working with the service for a few years now.

“We love being here to support the women and the service, listening to their stories and helping them through a moment in their life that sometimes isn’t so pleasant,” they said.

“Volunteering really is so satisfying and varied and it is a privilege to be with the women during this process – we’ve made a lot of friends!”

The Ipswich BreastScreen Queensland Service Nurse Unit Manager, Nicola Godfrey said Glenda and Lorraine were a wonderful addition to the BreastScreen Team.

Volunteers give support at BreastScreen Qld“Glenda and Lorraine provide invaluable support and assistance to the West Moreton women who attend an assessment clinic, from welcoming women, making cups of tea or coffee and chatting with anxious clients to pushing babies around in strollers.

“They are ambassadors for our BreastScreen service, promoting our service to friends, family, other volunteers and the wider West Moreton community.

“They also prepare health promotion materials for distribution to the community which is of huge assistance to our team,” she said.

The Ipswich BreastScreen Queensland Service operates both a fixed Ipswich service site at the Community Health Plaza on Bell St and mobile van services to make appointments accessible to West Moreton women, including those living in rural and regional areas.

Ms. Godfrey encouraged women to prioritize their health, “looking after your health is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones.”

“A breast screen takes only 30 minutes and no referral is required”

“I encourage women over 40, particularly those aged 50 to 74 who are considered most at risk, to prioritize their health and have their routine, free screening mammogram every two years.

To book a free appointment with BreastScreen Queensland, phone 13 20 50 or visit

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