Self-isolation or liberation?

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It’s been a couple of weeks now. Working all day at home may seem convenient, but what about the weekends? Don’t you feel trapped or bored? I certainly do.

In the past, we’d all wish for that time to try new things and explore, but couldn’t because of our busy routines. Now, we’ve got all the time in the world.

Here are some of the ‘feel-better’ activities that can keep you busy during iso:

DIY: Creative Corner


A vibe to your roomMake your room more aesthetically pleasing by adding a new vibe to it with some DIY art. Grab all your favorite post-cards, polaroids, posters and paintings to create your own favorite spot in the house. This will not only make your room look more beautiful, but will also give you a chance to let out all the confined creative ideas in you. After a long day of work on your laptop, when this corner of your room catches your eye, it can make you feel refreshed and give a homely feel to your house.

Bon Appetite


Healthy and tasty eating

Fill your day and your belly with a feast. The key to a healthy life is healthy eating. This is your time to explore tasty dishes and at the same time, focus on what you can cook to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try different dishes from different cuisines. Balance the carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and fat content in every meal and keep the nourishment of your body in check. If you’ve got kiddos looking to learn a few things in the kitchen, check out Virtual Kids Kitchen too!

Fam Jam


Family time Missing the weekend parties? Get dressed up, put on your party shoes and get ready to rock and roll with your family members in your living room. It is always fun to have a change. Working from home can really get monotonous. Organize a dance party, game night or a movie night and make your weekends more fun.



Finding peace of mindStaying indoors can often make you feel just ‘blugh’. Take a deep breath, find a seat in your backyard or balcony, expose yourself to nature and meditate. Placate your inner self and remind yourself that peace lies within. If not meditation, try one of our Virtual Fit4Life Classes like Yoga, or just turn on soft music, get rid of thoughts related to your workload/studies and relax.

Learning how to find happiness in small things is the key. There are so many different activities that you can try and learn during this lock-down and be productive as well as positive. Focus on the brighter side and discover the new-you.

Stay home, stay happy and stay safe!


  • Chirag Ramchandani says:

    Got to learn new things that can be done at home, by reading this.. Beautifully explained.
    The idea of DIY art is new to me and I’m gonna definitely try this and give a new look the boring walls of my bedroom.
    Also, I’m gonna do meditation ( Which I have never done ) for peace of mind..
    Sharing this with my family members too. Thank you so much.

  • Radha Patel says:

    Very helpful information

  • Zonty Macwan says:

    It was quite informative.. I liked the idea of meditation. I have never really tried doing it. But I think this is the best time for it. Keep up the good work…

    • Keshav Khilnani says:

      Although many people must have been aware about the things mentioned above, this article reminds us about the true utilisation of our time. Thank you to the person who wrote this! All the best!

  • Great ideas…!👍🏻

  • Mansi Fatnani says:

    Informative & Innovative Idea for the Lockdown Period.

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