Plan to keep COVID-19 at bay

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Each and every Australian has so far done a wonderful job at keeping COVID-19 under control since we first became aware of the outbreak earlier this year.

You’ve been washing your hands frequently, obeying social distancing rules and only going out for essential reasons.

But where to from here?

While we encourage you to follow Government advice on current and future restrictions, we’ve got a plan to help you manage the risk to you and your family.

They say there are two things you can do now to keep yourself safe so let’s take a look at them and how they contribute to keeping COVID-19 at bay.

Get the facts about COVID-19

The Queensland Government has put together a comprehensive list of topics that can answer any questions you may have about COVID-19. Whether you want to check your symptoms, learn about the latest case numbers or find out how Queensland is uniting in the fight against the disease, this link has it all!

Create a plan for managing your health

To stay on the front foot, it’s recommended to develop a plan to manage your health during this period of uncertainty. We’re encouraging you to download the My COVID-19 plan and fill it in before displaying it in your home where you and others can easily access it – like the fridge!

It’s important to have a plan for all of these things if you or someone you know falls sick.

  • Communication
  • Management of health
  • Assistive technology
  • Personal support
  • Animals and pets
  • Transportation
  • Living situation
  • Social connectedness

Who is going to feed your pet? Who is going to help arrange your medicine? Where are you going to live if someone in your home needs to isolate?

You might think you don’t need to fill in the plan because you are fit and healthy, that it will be of no use to you or your family with the way things are tracking.

But you never know when you, or those around you, may need assistance.

So take five minutes to fill in the form today and save yourself valuable time when it matters.

Download My COVID-19 Plan, print it, complete it and stick it on your fridge.


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