You’re invited!

Join us in promoting suicide prevention by making paper cranes with our FREE origami pack.

The practice of origami is a perfect project for anyone to take some time to be mindful and ‘in the moment’ as they fold.

Cranes were chosen because the crane is known as a symbol of long life, peace, hope, and healing during challenging times.

How do I get involved?

You can participate from home for FREE! Simply complete the registration form below and we will send you a package with origami paper you can use to fold and instructions on how to make your crane.

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • the biggest
  • the best
  • the most colorful
  • the most creative cranes

Take a photo of your crane and send it to, or you can use a return addressed envelope to send your crane back to us.

Return your folded crane to be hung

In your pack, you’ll receive a return envelop. Send your folded crane back to us and we will hang your cranes outside the Acute Mental Health Unit at Ipswich Hospital providing a welcome reminder for all of us that there is hope, and that suicide can be prevented.

How do I make an origami crane?

Your package contains all the information you need to make your paper crane.

However, you can also download instructions or watch a video tutorial online.

As you fold, practice being mindful by focusing your thoughts on one thing that brings meaning to your life.

If other thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge these, and gently remind yourself to return your focus to that one thing.

To get your FREE paper crane pack delivered, enter your details below