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Protein Balls

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Protein Balls For all of the below recipes, simply add all the ingredients into an electric mixer. Mix on high until all ingredients are combined, then roll into balls with…

Volunteers Care

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Volunteers Care Support is on hand when you need it You’ve received a call back to BreastScreen Ipswich Service and you are fearing the worst. Wondering what chemotherapy is like…

Ride to Work Day

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Ride to Work Day Date: Wednesday 27th March  Location: Darcy Doyle Place Ipswich Cost: Free Ride to Work Day encourages the community to ditch their cars and ride to work! …

Children in West Moreton are in good hands!

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Children in West Moreton are in good hands!  A team of paediatricians under the guide of Dr Ian Shellshear, winner of the 2018 West Moreton Health Interconnected Awards, are busy…

Does your diet require fortification? with Dee Taylor, Nutritionist

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Does your diet require fortification? with Dee Taylor, Nutritionist Fortification, by the addition of vitamins and minerals to foods, aims to reduce shortfalls in everyday dietary intakes. Some people purposely…

Fit4Life Changing for 2019

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Change is in the air! Ipswich Hospital Foundation Fit4Life Activities are enjoying some changes in 2019. Adjustments to classes, membership and venues will reward current IHF members and casual attendees…

Book Now For Kid’s Kitchen

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Book Now For Kid's Kitchen Hands-on cooking & nutrition classes for kids   You've got books, pencils, pens and are busily covering school books but have you considered registering your…

Volunteers Wrap Gifts At Redbank Plaza

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Gift Wrapping IHF Volunteers Gift Wrapping to better health!   Over the 2018 Christmas period IHF Volunteers prepared beautifully wrapped gifts at Redbank Plaza Shopping Centre so shoppers could shop…

Improving your Health

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Take a step forward with ‘My Health Record’ If you had to describe Bill Hardy’s passions, they would be fitness, health and travel. After retiring, the 70-year-old now runs over…
Park2Park Results for 2018

Park2Park Results

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Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park results for 2018 are in. Brand new features, including stadium seating, healthy food options, GPS tracking and enhanced stage zone, were hard to miss at this…

Talkin’ it up for Mental Health

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Regional Youth Mental Health Forum 2018 More than 300 West Moreton youth came together on Thursday 26th July to talk it up about mental health to reduce the stigma around…

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