National Volunteer Week: Spotlight on Sovanna

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Sovanna & Co

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, the Ipswich Hospital Foundation is shining a spotlight on some of our amazing volunteers. The IHF has over 80 volunteers across all departments and we’ve been up and running for close to five and a half years.

Today, we spoke to Sovanna, who has been with us almost since the beginning and works on-site at Ipswich Hospital. He volunteers his time doing meet and greets and with outpatients. He’s been with us for five years this year, celebrating his half-decade anniversary this September.

Sovanna is passionate about the work he does with the foundation and loves using this space to be able to help others.

Man facing the camera in a doctors office

Spotlight on Sovanna! Photo: Ipswich Hospital Foundation

“I wanted to make myself useful because here, you can think about others. That’s what I have to offer.”

But the Foundation isn’t Sovanna’s first volunteering gig, having previously volunteered with the Red Cross. When he first saw the opportunity to apply for a position with the Foundation he couldn’t turn it down.

His favourite part of his role is the variety it gives him, as well as the opportunity to socialise and work within a great team environment. Not only does the role provide Sovanna fulfillment and a fun work environment, but he also gets to use his practical skills around the office.

“I like the multi-skill [aspect], and the meet and greets. And then I work in the office at Antenatal… like folding the envelopes and doing the blue books for them, like office work.”

He is inspired by his team and the work that he does to give back to those in his community that needs it most.

“[I enjoy] socialising and working in a good team, you know, teamwork, and I like helping to give a hand to someone else.”

Outside of Volunteering at the hospital, Sovanna ensures he practices what he preaches and makes his own health and well-being a priority, as well as keeping in touch with his Cambodian heritage.

“I have high blood pressure, I’ve started walking around and making myself fit, and in my spare time I like reading and listening to Cambodian music.”

As volunteering and being able to help people is such a big part of Sovanna’s life and his own worldview, he wholeheartedly recommends volunteering to others and thinks the Foundation and West Moreton Health is a great place to do it!

“Yeah, if someone comes to ask me I would recommend them to the Foundation. We would welcome them into the team; we have a good one. When you like your job and there are good people there, you’ll like it.”

If Sovanna’s story has inspired you to lend a hand to the community, check out our volunteer opportunities page!


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