My Charity Change: the app that changes lives

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My Charity Change app

For Australian charities and non-profits, 2020 has been a year of less face-to-face interaction and more use of digital platforms to connect with the community.

My Charity Change’s new application is more than just for texting, calling and posting selfies.

Each time you shop, you drop a little change to towards your favourite cause without even realising it.

By linking your bank card to the app, it automatically sends a donation to your desired charity through rounding up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar.

It is an effortless way for Australians contribute to direct change in the community, right from the tips of our fingers.

Begin your selfless journey with 4 simple steps:

  1. Download ‘My Charity Change’ app from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Select your favourite cause from their list. You can also choose up to three to share your support.
  3. Link bank card securely with a multi-factor authentication (donations $2 and over through My Charity Change may be tax deductible)
  4. Make a positive difference! When a payment is made with the selected bank card, it will round up to the nearest dollar, donating to your selected charities or not-for-profits

GIF of steps on how to use My Charity Change app

Downloading and linking your every day spending card is an easy way for anyone in our community to give back to a local charity.

Your small change all adds up and can make a real difference to our local community.

Liam Hull from Brassall has also shared his experience as a first-time user of the app,

My Charity Change “As a strong advocate for local charities, the My Charity Change app allows me to be of service to a local charity like Ipswich Hospital Foundation. Every little donation goes a long way.”

The small, yet consistent donations act as if you’re saving up for a piggy bank that goes towards the greater good.

Give help and hope by checking out My Charity Change’s website for more info!

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