Queensland Mental Health Week runs from 10 October – 17 October 2020.  This year, with the challenges we have faced as individuals, communities and as a nation, mental health awareness and mindfulness is even more critical than in past years.  Last year, we had the Ipswich Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo at Riverlink Shopping Centre.  Unfortunately this year, with COVID-19 restrictions and being conscious of protecting our community, the organisers have cancelled the Expo.  However we know how important good mental health is and how important mental health awareness is, so we are asking you as an individual and member of our community to positively contribute to your own mental health and that of others by sharing your tips and ideas for mindfulness.

Members of the Ipswich Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo Planning Committee have established this mindfulness page with the valued support of the Ipswich Hospital Foundation.    Our aim is to get the community talking about mindfulness, being in the here and now, being aware of what is happening in the moment, intentionally paying attention to each moment and being fully engaged in whatever you are doing.  This is mindfulness.

The theme for Queensland Mental Health Week 2020 is ‘take time for mental health’.  So we are asking you to take time for mental health by practicing mindfulness in your life – take a couple of minutes every day to be in the here and now.  And, we are asking you to share your mindfulness activities with others – what do you do to relax, to reflect, to remind yourself to take care of you?

You are invited to post your mindfulness activities, ideas and tips on this page.  Fill in your details below, indicate if you are happy to share your mindfulness comments with others (only your first name will be visible to the public) and if so, we’ll post your comments for others to see.  If you’d rather not share, that’s okay too.  Who knows? You may inspire others to do a little self-care and get creative with their mindfulness activities.  And, to recognise your contributions, we will have a random prize draw for anyone posting to the page.  If you post something and share it with others, you will go into the prize draw.  We will announce the winner on 16 October 2020. To be in the draw, make sure you post to the page by 4 p.m. Thursday, 15 October 2020.