Michelle volunteers for the companionship and fun

By June 10, 2021Volunteer

To celebrate International Volunteer Day, we’re letting you get to know some of our incredible volunteers like Michelle!

In our opinion, Michelle is a true advocate of making the world a better place.

She has been volunteering with us for six and a half years now – Go Michelle!

“I was a nurse for 20 years at the hospital. I finished work in November and started volunteering in January the following year. I wasn’t old enough to sit at home and do nothing.

“I started nursing at 16. I was very young when I started.

“I’m 66 now and proud of that. I worked hard to get here,” she giggled

Michelle likes to volunteer her time because it is worthwhile and she gets to help people in the Ipswich community.

She believes that more people should volunteer with her at the Hospital Foundation.

“It’s the companionship of volunteering and the fun atmosphere of the show that’s a winning combination for me,” Michelle said.

She and others often help patients find their way around the hospital.

“The hospital is quite big and can be confusing for someone new visiting.

“Visiting a hospital can often be a stressful time too. We’re here to make that easier for them,” Michelle said.

During lockdown, volunteers were not allowed to go about their usual activities at the hospital. When they returned they were welcomed back with open arms.

“They were so pleased we were back. We were so glad to be back too!” Michelle said.

“It made us realise that what we did was making such a difference to the staff and patients’ experience in the hospital.”

If you’re interested in joining our dream team, we’ve got plenty of positions available at our Volunteer Hub!

Can’t volunteer? You can still get involved by donating to our local causes, every dollar helps another!

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