Here are some of the truly heartwarming messages we’ve received so far.

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“The men and women of the Hospital who have selflessly given their time and effort, often at great risk to their own safety, deserve to be named collectively as Australians of the Year”

Michellefrom Raceview

“Thank you so much for working so hard to keep our families healthy and safe. It's not an easy time but you're all doing great!”

Johnfrom Booval

“Thank you to all our health care heroes. You put your lives on the line time and time again to care for our most vulnerable people. May you and your loved ones remain safe and all life's blessings come your way.”

Di from Springfield Lakes

“Thank you to everyone who is working so hard at the moment. Not just the front-line staff but all the entire WMH team that are busily working away behind the scenes to keep the hospital operational.”

Paula from Flinders View

“A big heartfelt thank you to all our health workers for the tremendous effort you are doing looking after all the health needs of our community. It is definitely trying times and your dedication takes you away from your family and also puts you in a situation of risk to your own health. I hoe you know that we all appreciate the work that you are doing for us. Take care of yourself and shout out to a friend or a group if you are feeling lost.”

Denise from Yamanto

“Thank you to the security team who protects our excellent health care workers. Thank you to security who spends long hours trying to de-escalate incoherent community members, who are feeling vulnerable, anxious and who unfortunately lash out throughout this time at our staff. Take care, everyone! Thank you to everyone who keeps the cogs ticking!”


“Our heartfelt thanks go to each and every one of you. You truly are an inspiration - As a group, you are who i talk to my children about. Thank you.”

Adamfrom Quest Apartments, Ipswich

“A massive thank you! to those who risk their lives so we can live ours. You are the glue that holds our country together through these tough times.”

Scott from Karalee

“Thank you for being there for vulnerable people and putting your lives on the line for our loved ones!! Greatly appreciated!”

Odorici Familyfrom Flinders View

“Hi guys thanks for being on the front line to defend us against this reported deadly vires always try and keep smiling even if it is with gritted teeth”

Peter from Coalfalls

“To our frontline carers doing such an essential job- please take care of yourselves too.”

Jonfrom Ipswich

“Thank you so much you do each and every day, stay safe, you are doing such an amazing job, and we are very proud . Take care of yourselves”

Geoff & Noreenfrom Ipswich

“My family is staying home for you! Keep up the good work.”

Finn from Redbank Plains

“Thank you to the entire WMH team! You’re doing a tremendous job under unprecedented circumstances! We appreciate your service!”

Grateful from Bundamba

“When the going gets tough, The tough get going! Keep up the good work, everyone at Ipswich Hospital! Thank you and God bless you all ❤”

Angela from Silkstone

“I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all health workers including our rural hospital staff, ambos and GPs for your service. Sacrificing being with your families and putting yourselves on the frontline everyday to look after our communities. You are doing an amazing job. Know that we truly appreciate all you are doing.”

Mfrom Ipswich

“Hi just want to say thank you so much for all your tireless efforts. We appreciate each and every one of you. Praying that you will know joy and peace over your own life and your families at this time. Best regards, Debbie.”

Debfrom Mt Crosby

“All the health staff- clinicians AND support staff are doing an amazing job for the community. You are an inspiration, Thank You!!!”

Markfrom Ipswich

“Your beautiful souls are shining Thank God for you all.”

Kerryfrom Ipswich

“Thankyou Health Care Heroes for everyone sacrificing so much to save so many. Take care!”

Troyfrom Karalee

“Thanks for working under difficult conditions to help save lives. I know you are very special people. I pray Jesus will protect you all”

Lynfrom Karana downs

“The community appreciates your sacrifice and hard work ”

Davis Familyfrom Ipswich

“A massive THANK YOU to all the staff at the hospitals around the world and, more locally, to you all at Ipswich Hospital. You all seem to cop it when the going gets a little rough but keep on smiling no matter how challenging it gets. You're all heroes in our eyes. PS While you're looking after the sick, please take time to recharge and look after you too if possible. ”

Kerry from Bundamba

“Many thanks to everyone in West Moreton Health and all the other health districts spending long hours working for us all. Your effort doesn’t go unrecognised, and we love you all for it. Thank you.”

Ibrahimfrom Bundamba

“I want to say a big thank you not only to our frontline heroes but also those that work behind the scenes. You are all amazing and I truly appreciate what you do to keep us all safe. Bless you all ❤”

Sallyfrom Raceview

“Thank you all for your hard work and dedication especially now that we are facing a raging war where you can't even see your enemy. Stay safe and I hope and pray that you and your family get through this war without any scares.”

Bevfrom Redbank

“At this very trying time is it reassuring to know you have our backs, thank you for putting our health before yours, thank you for the commitment and sacrifice it is truly appreciated. I am so sorry that some people have treated you so badly, it is not on. From us to you stay safe, take care, try and look after yourselves and in the nicest possible way, I hope we never meet in the Covid-19 ward. Our true frontline heroes God bless you all.”

Knipe Familyfrom Ipswich

“I want to shout out to the mental health care workers who I know will be inundated at this time. You guys are so incredible. Thank you for the care and support you provide to our region. Please take care of yourselves and thank you for all you do 🌸🌸🌸”

Krisifrom Bellbird Park

“Thinking of all who are fighting the good fight and pray for protection and strength to carry on. We are so grateful for all the hard work.”

Tanyafrom Redbank Plains

“Thank you to all the wonderful doctors, nurses and other health services staff at the Ipswich and St Andrews hospitals. You make my family feel safe. Take care and stay safe.”


“Thank you to the wonderful staff at Ipswich General Hospital, who continue to work during this time of crisis.”

Janinefrom One Mile

“A massive THANK YOU to all the doctors and nurses. You are all doing an amazing job and we appreciate everything you guys and girls are doing!”


“Thank you all for your sheer bravery, hard-work, dedication and sacrifice. You’re true heroes!”

Jiaoyangfrom Winthrop

“To all the wonderful people in Ward 4F at the Ipswich General Hospital. Thank-you for your care. Stay safe.”


“Thanks for stand up when you would rather be at home and not putting your families at risk. Thanks to your families who understand that being a Carer is part of who you are, thanks To team the team that stand with us and behind us because without a team we are nothing. Thanks to those to stay at home.”

Debfrom South Ripley

“Our heros every single day. Providing care and support through individual crisis never stopping, as we face this pandemic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Bronwyn from Somerset

“You are real-life super heroes. Thank you for going above and beyond and risking your own health to fight on the frontline during this unprecedented time.”

Jodiefrom Raceview

“A huge thank you to all at WMH for your dedication, empathy and professional expertise that gives us locals so much support and feelings of security. We can only guess the emotional barriers you need to overcome and strength of character that you display to make you the best of the best and this is truly amazing. Thank you all.”

Randallfrom Goodna

“Thank you is not enough for the hours you do and risking your life for others.You all do an amazing job on a daily basis without COVID19.God bless you all stay safe forever thinking of you all🙏❤️”

Traceyfrom Ipswich

“Thank you to everybody working in our hospitals, clinics, labs, pathology units - everybody who is doing their bit to keep us healthy and safe! It mustn't be easy to put yourself out on the front line each and every day - we should all be very thankful. A special thanks to people working on this in my hometown of Boonah.”

Jon from Boonah

“I would like to thank all our front line workers who are away from their families and helping people get better. You are truly all heroes. We appreciate everything you guys are doing and I hope you stay safe!”

Codyfrom Minden

“Thank you to everyone at Ipswich hospital oncology 5G. Things are much harder for you at the moment, but we appreciate everything you do. Take care.”

Christinefrom Collingwood Park

“Thank you to everyone for risking your lives daily and helping to manage this crisis. I have set my class a task to write a letter to the true heroes in our society, real heroes don’t wear capes! THANK YOU 😊”

Katrinafrom Brassall

“Thankyou thankyou thankyou! For all you have done, all you do, and all you will do in the coming weeks. We love you guys. Your work IS appreciated. We are staying at home.”

Lesleyfrom Eskdale.

“A very Big thank you to doctors, nurses & all staff at your wonderful hospital, you are true heroes. Take care. Regards Ann”


“Now and always, thank you for selflessly giving up time and emotional energy to strangers to improve everyone's health and wellbeing. My family and I see you and thank you.”

Excell'sfrom Yamanto

“Thank you for all that you do. Not only today, but yesterday, and all you'll do in the future. Stay safe.”


“You guys rock, from the Drs and nurses, to the kitchen staff, cleaners, administrative and maintenance staff, you are all amazingly dedicated and we are proud of you all. “Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and me and the entire human race.””

Emma L from IJGS 5A

“感谢所有的白衣天使,你们是永远的英雄!!!(Thanks to all white angels, you’re true heroes!!!)”

Henryfrom East IPSWICH

“Thank you for all your hard work! Sorry you have to be away from your families and friends! Please stay safe and try and take care of yourselves.”

The Threlfall family from South Ripley

“To all involved in the health care industry a big thank you from the Lockyer community. Your care for our community in the face of this pandemic puts you on the front line and at most risk of infection. Your bravery and sacrifice are truly appreciated, you will save many lives!”

Jim McDonald MP from Lockyer

“Thank you to all staff risking their own health to help keep everyone else alive and well. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!”

Melinda Taylor

“To all our health workers a very big thank you for your wonderful dedication in keeping our community healthy. This is a very worrying time for everyone but you, more than most, understand what is at stake. Please thank your families also, I know how concerned they would be for you as you undertake your work. I feel immensely proud to have a small role in supporting you to help keep everyone well and safe. I encourage all in the community to support you by them doing their bit to keep everyone well. It’s times like this that make us all feel very united and appreciative that we are part of a community that cares. Be kind to yourself, take care and feel proud of your role in fighting this virus.”

Pat Evattfrom WMH Board Member

“Every single person that works in the health system from the security guards to reception staff and cleaners and the nurses and doctors and clinicians, I want to send a sincere heartfelt thankyou to all of you for stepping up and supporting our community in it's time of need. We need all of you and could not still be working in businesses in the community at this time or be at home with our families if it weren't for you. Thankyou.”

Benfrom Ipswich Dry Cleaners

“Gratitude to each and everyone who is turning up every day, to support and care for our communities. From our kitchen staff/cleaners to our doctors and nurses, volunteers and our emergency service people on the frontline. You are making a difference and changing our lives. Blessings to you all, and your families 🙏”

Mayor Tanya Milliganfrom Lockyer Valley Regional Council

“Thank you to my sister Sally for working to help fight this virus and risk her own families lives to help others!!!!”

Kate Duncan

“Thank you so much to all you courageous and diligent West Moreton health workers. May God's merciful blessings be with you during this time. Stay safe and always remember to take care.”


“The team at Redbank Plains Community Centre miss our wonderful midwives and are thinking of them and all the doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health, admin staff, orderly’s, etc. that are showing up to ensure our community receives healthcare and support.”

RPCC Staff and Volunteers

“To all the health care workers and professionals fighting this virus on the frontline, I say thank you. Your tireless efforts are keeping safe local residents in the West Moreton Region. We deeply appreciate the sacrifice made by you and your families.”

Shayne Neumann MP

“Staff working and supporting the Ipswich Hospital and associated services are doing an amazing job!”


“Thank you to all of the health care workers out there who are working through the most challenging of circumstances imaginable. I find it almost impossible to imagine walking in your shoes and desperately hope that as well as taking care of us and our loved ones you are also able to find the time to look after yourselves.”

Tony Walkleyfrom Queensland Times

“Thank you to the entire West Moreton Health team. Frontline staff are doing an amazing job and a special shout out to those behind the scenes supporting the frontline. No matter where you are working - operational, administration, food services, security, nursing, volunteers, doctors - we see you and know you are going above and beyond. We appreciate what you are doing and the sacrifices being made so you can help keep our community safe. Thank you.”

“A big thank you to all the Healthcare workers out there keeping our families healthy and safe. As we have done with the Floods and the relief for our local farmers we standby and will support our healthcare workers.”

Llewellyn Motors Management

“You are all doing a brave and needed job and I congratulate you all on your tireless work. Remember to look after yourselves because without self-preservation you cannot continue your amazing efforts to help others. We are all in your debt.”

Julesart Galleryfrom Dinmore

“To all our health care workers, especially those in direct contact with people affected by COVID-19, but also to all the support staff including cooks, cleaners, orderlies, etc... THANK YOU. I pray you to stay safe and well, and your families too!”

Neilfrom Laidley

“Heartfelt thanks to all the brave and dedicated front-line heroes and heroines at our hospital who are risking their lives and livelihoods to look after those of us who have been stricken by this horrific pandemic. Stay safe and well.”

Best Western Ipswich owners and staff

“Your commitment to the ongoing health of our community is commendable. Under the current exceptional circumstances, you truly are heroes. Never forget how much we value your invaluable contribution.”

Jennifer Howard

“Thank you so much Health Heros for all that you do for our community. To show our appreciation we would like to offer every health hero a half-priced massage when we are open again. I know you will all need it by then.”

Ipswich Massasge & Herbal Spa

“Thank you to all the staff at WMH, front liners and those that work behind the scenes during this incredibly challenging time. Know that you are valued, stay safe, thank you so much!!”

Sandrafrom Treasurer Rotary Ipswich North

“Thank you for your sacrifices and commitment to the Ipswich community.”

Johnfrom Ipswich North Rotary

“I would love to say a massive thank you to the awesome staff at the fever clinic and the emergency department for going above and beyond today in helping me stay calm and talking me through everything.”


“Keep up the great work guys and stay safe your country. Thank you!”

Tim S from Redbank Plains

“To all of the staff of the Ipswich Hospital especially those working in the COVID -19 area, we at Ipswich Norths Rotary send our best wishes and grateful thanks for all of the hard work you are doing for us. Cheers Michael Byrne President Ipswich North Rotary”

Ipswich North Rotary

“Big shout out to the nurse manager Kirsty of NMRT. What an amazing human who works so hard and ridiculously long hours to ensure there are ample clinical nurses in all areas of the hospital. You are a wonderful nurse and an exceptional asset to the Health service!!! You and your team do amazing work!!!”


“Keep up the great work greatly appreciated especially during this challenging time, stay safe and look after yourselves as well”

Nicole wulkuraka

“🐇Happy Easter 🐥 To all our Health care workers my family would like to thank you for all you do for our community. You are heroes everyday risking your life and the hours you do ❤️Words can't thank you enough wishing you all the best and praying you all to get through this together.💐🙏God bless”

Traceyfrom Raceview

“Thank you to everyone working so tirelessly to look after others. We appreciate everything you do day in day out.”

Lufrom Perth

“To every one of you health care works and all hospital staff. I would like to express my extreme gratitude for your commitment to our sick at this time of need. it must be so hard to leave your loved ones with family or friends to be able to do your job. For everything you do I thank you for this, you guys are the HERO'S in this current climate. Sending much love your way xxxx”

Sandi Linn

“To every front line health worker across the whole of Australia, including those working behind the scenes in hospitals, a heartfelt thank you from our family to yours. You are the role models our young people need. You epitomize what it is to be Australian. We acknowledge your long hours, stress, anxiety and fear for yourselves, your patients and your loved ones. But at the end of the day, we appreciate everything you do to keep us safe as a community. You are all the true heroes of 2020.”


“You were trained to do a job. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes easy, sometimes joyful, sometimes heart wrenching. You kept doing your job. Suddenly, horrifyingly your job has changed. The world has changed. You have been thrust into the front line of a war. I silent, deadly killer stalks us all. And yet you stand firm. You do your job. Thank you.”

Jon Burne

“Thanking you all is simply not enough. Words can’t express my gratitude, appreciation, respect and admiration for each and every frontline worker The deepest bow to all of you and may you all stay safe and well as well as your loved ones”


“You guys rock! You keep our last line going We'll man the front! We're all right here with you!”

Hugofrom Lismore

“Thank you so much for continuing to do what we can't. And for your care, dedication and sacrifices. Your front line service is very much appreciated. Again, thank you to you and your loved ones.”

Difrom Kenmore

“You are as usual wonderful people. How we would be without you doesn't bear thinking about and that is just when life is normal. Now that it's beyond normal we are full of admiration and amazement at how you are all dealing with this. Know that we are thinking about you.”

“You guys are awesome never forget that, we appreciate your dedication and we care that you are there for”


“Thank you to all the health care workers for putting not only your self but your families at risk to keep the community safe and healthy.Thank you”


“Thank you for all the hard work, long hours, dedication and sacrifices in keeping us all safe. We appreciate all you are doing, stay safe and strong.”

Kathyfrom Carrara

“Thanks to every single person, you are heroes in our eyes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you managed to stop and eat some easter eggs yesterday, or just have a coffee. When this is all over we will celebrate. I work at a school and it had been hard with all our little cherubs, but I know that having the kids at school means their parents can work and some of them are essential workers, like nurses, pharmacists, police, doctors etc. So go on with your day and remember our hearts are beaming with love and admiration for what you are doing!”

Judyfrom Camp Hill

“Thank you to all of the health workers at Ipswich including our Daddy. You are all superheroes. Xx”

Poppyfrom Brisbane

“To all the staff at Ipswich hospital, thank you for your dedicated care.”

Suzanne Hay

“Thank you to the West Moreton Health Service & the ambos, for continuing to work on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. You are doing an awesome job & a big thanks for your commitment & exceptional care you provide to your patients. You are loved & appreciated by your community.”

Danifrom Newtown

“To all of the incredible staff working tirelessly to provide care to their patients, Thank you. The Sunshine Children’s ward was our home for some Time & even before this pandemic, worked so damn hard for every child on that ward. Thank you EVERYONE”

Layla & Liam

“To everyone who works at Ipswich Hospital. Thank you for all that you do. Recently I had a cancer diagnosis and a stoma was required. I was treated like a Queen. You are all so respected and appreciated. Bless you all and keep safe for you and your families.”

Catherinefrom Newtown

“Thank you to all our front line services who have stepped in and stepped up to help/save lives of us in the community. You are greatly appreciated more than you know.”

Robyn and Chris from Forest Lake

“We would not be here if you did not have the courage, love and work ethic to go to work each day and care for our loved ones. We are all so proud of you and struggle to express our gratitude. Thank you”

John Treimanis

“To all our health workers.... You're AWESOME!”


“Thank you will never be enough for all that you are doing to care for our most vulnerable during this time. Your hard work and the daily risk you take with your own health, your families health and the long hours being away from them has not gone unnoticed and is appreciated. I am lucky enough to live next door to one of your wonderful staff, Kathy and she is an amazing human, like you all are. Our community could not get through this without men and women like yourselves. So thank you, take care and stay safe.”

Donnafrom Collingwood Park

“Thanks Margie for keeping me safe on our travels and then me and many many more here at home”

Liz Macedo-Vang


Cfrom Tivoli

“You guys are amazing, thank you for risking yourself for us. We appreciate all the hard work you do everyday without thanks. You are so strong and awesome. Please keep it up we need you.”

Beth and Char

“To the incredible Nurses, Doctors & all Support staff at Ipswich Hospital, thank you for the amazing care and support you showed our son Angus (and us!) last week while he went through emergency appendectomy and recovery. Your professionalism and compassion are second to none and we can't thank you enough. Keep fighting the good fight, you guys display daily the true definition of courage. I'm sure you're worried about yourselves and your own family and friends yet you turn up to every shift to help others, and selfishly but most important to me, my son and my family. Thank you.”

Jepsonsfrom Hatton Vale

“Legends! Heartfelt thanks and healing energy coming your way.💚”

Traceyfrom Algester

“Throughout my life, most heroes were portrayed as military men fighting for those in power to gain more power. But these are not the heroes. The real heroes are people working to save the lives of others. This what it is all about. Each one of you is the real hero. Dedicated to serving the well being of each person in your care and thereby the well-being of our nation.”


“For everything you do each day, we are truly grateful. May you stay healthy in mind and body through these challenging times. Thank you”

Jeanette and Paul from Scarborough

“Thank you to each and every worker in our hospitals who are working so hard to care for the community now and always!”


“Thank you to the wonderful staff of Ipswich Hospital, all of the heroes no matter what they do. You are selfless, dedicated, wonderful people who are true heroes. Thank you for what you do.”


“I'd like to send a special note of gratitude to all the administration staff and wards people who support the doctors and nurses. We are so grateful for your work and dedication. Thank you to all. ❤”

Leannefrom Mt Crosby

“We knew you were wonderful, but you are surpassing all our expected! Thank you for your bravery, your selflessness and your skill!”

Jenform Oxley

“To you all, a big well done from the cleaners to the medical staff, you have saved my bacon twice before.”

Johnfrom Redbank

“As a retired RN, I understand completely how difficult your job can be at the best of times. Now during the worst of times, all of Australia owes every health worker an immense debt of gratitude. Thank you.”


“Thank you for putting your health on the line to save our virus victims. I for one will be voting for you to be called collectively, the Australians of the decade.”

Marty and Averil from Mudgeeraba

“The true human spirit is evidenced in many ways but there are not many better ways than by the work all the people at IHF ... to say thank you seems so inadequate, it's just the best I have ... thank you for helping to protect us all and for looking after the people who have become sick ... thank you again”

Ashleyfrom Glenview

“Thank you to each and every one of the Ipswich health care workers. I would give you a hug (but can’t at the moment).”


“For those working in the West Moreton Public Health Unit to identify and track cases - thank you for all you are doing to try and contain the outbreak in the area.”

“Heath workers you are amazing people BUT not just during this Coronavirus outbreak. You are amazing every time you come to work. Thank you.”


“Thank you all for being there for everyone and that includes Doctors, Nurses, pathology, cleaners, cooks, ambos and everyone who is involved in making sure help and assistance is there for all. Thank you soo much”

Vickifrom Redbank Plains

“The whole community is so very grateful for all that you do. You are true heroes! You do an amazing job in normal times (if there is ever such a thing) but during this pandemic, we are in awe of you. Please know that you are loved and supported in thought and prayer. Please be kind to yourselves.”


“Sometimes it's hard to accept praise. You might not feel like a hero. You may feel tired, anxious, frustrated. Doesn't matter. When you take the actions you take to care for people in the community your actions have outcomes. More people recover, people that don't recover get a fair shot at surviving, affected people and their families know you had their back and they feel hugely grateful to you. That all has a knock-on effect of supporting the emotional and psychological stability of the community outside of the hospital or direct line of affect. It literally holds up the community in my view. Persisting when the going's tough, that's heroic. Thank you.”

Barbfrom Annerley

“A Heartfelt Thank you for the marvellous work you are doing at this Extremely Difficult time. But always. Thank you again”


“Hi there from me and my family who include a very high risk to COVID-19 Dad and sister: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you are doing. We thank you for your dedication, your commitment, your professionalism, your humour, your resilience and most of all your sacrifice to care for the rest of us.”

Rachelfrom Lota

“The work you guys are doing is amazing!! May you and your loved ones stay safe as you battle on the front line of this war again Covid. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.”

Yfrom Karalee

“I want to thank you all for your bravery and dedication to your profession. I think about you everyday and feel so grateful I can be safe at home while you navigate the frontlines sacrificing your lifestyle. You are all real-life Superheroes 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ X”

Bethfrom melbourne

“We are all thinking about you while staying home. Thank you very much - we truly appreciate it. Keep up the great work!”

Peterfrom Highgate Hill

“Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and hard work. We appreciate you guys so much and wish you the very best of all of life's opportunities, health and happiness ❤️❤️❤️”

Giovannafrom Kangaroo Point

“While I now live in Canberra, Queensland is my home, and where all my extended family are. Thank you to all the fabulous nurses, doctors, physios, OTs, and all the other hard-working staff in hospitals, the cleaners, the admin staff, there are so many unsung heroes. We know you are putting yourselves at risk to do your job - and that job is to keep us healthy, and care for our loved ones when they are most vulnerable. Thank you to your families, who must also be stressed and worried. Thank you seems not enough, you have my admiration, and you are in my thoughts.”

Vanessafrom Canberra

“Thanks for being so kind, for all you do love you all.”

Mark Harris

“Our heartfelt thanks to those who are working on the frontline at this crazy time. You are true heroes and should be admired for the professionalism, compassion and kindness you are showing in these highly unusual and stressful circumstances. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Melfrom Toowoomba

“The men and women of the Hospital who have selflessly given their time and effort, often at great risk to their own safety, deserve to be named collectively as Australians of the Year”

Michellefrom Raceview

“Thank you so much for your work. I’m a teacher and very relieved to be able to work from home. You are so brave and are all heroes to keep showing up for our community. Bless you all.”


“Thank you so much for putting up with all the changes (hourly), the grumpy patients and the wear and tear on your emotions... We appreciate everything you do... love, prayers and support are being sent your way from everyone I know... We admire you all. ”

Kay and Nataliefrom Bellmere

“To all the frontline heroes thank you Your dedication and resilience is amazing. I sincerely hope that you are never confronted with the situation your counterparts in New York are facing but unlike their horrible situation at least we are all in this together in AUS. Love your work!”

Gretchen Kedron

“Thank you for being on the frontline of this crisis. We need you and rely on your strength and courage. You are my heroes”


“Thank you to all of you. We are grateful for all that you are doing not just for this pandemic but for being there when we need you. We are all in this together 😊”


“To all the frontline heroes - not just the doctors and nurses, but the background staff, and the families who support them. "Thank you" doesn't adequately express the debt that we owe to you, in keeping us all healthy. For you, and for everyone, we will #stayathome”

Kfrom Indooroopilly

“You are all incredible, selfless, strong and caring health workers. You are appreciated beyond words. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but THANK YOU for all you are doing in this challenging time. x”

Kate & Grace

“Without you there would be no us”


“Thank you to the Healthcare HEROES at Ipswich hospital. Please take care of YOURSELVES as much as you take care of US.”

Brianfrom Sunnybank

“Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. I have two kids with asthma and this ordeal frightens me. We're staying home so you have less work. Words can't thank you enough.”

Audreyfrom Bray Park

“Thank you for all you are doing at this hard time”


“I know you are paid to do your job but there's something extra special and self-sacrificing about what you do. Thank you for your dedication, bravery, and unbiased empathy to every single patient who seeks healing from you.”

Carmelfrom Brissie

“Thank you for all you do. You are all amazing people, unsung heroes. Stay safe. We will come through this.”

Warren & Glenda

“Your dedication, care, professionalism and career choice is why you are YOU. THANK each and every one of you for all you have done and continue to do for US, your community. So much respect and appreciation to all staff. Stay safe! 💜💜💜💜💜💜”

Sharonfrom Yamanto

“I know you are tired & exhausted. But I want to thank you for looking after the vulnerable, the sick, the scared & the desperately ill patients. You may not know it but you are an Earth angel to these people & their families. You are a rainbow which people look to during this storm. Thank you for your sacrifices. It means a lot. 💜”

Clare James


“Thank you for your selflessness and dedication to our care. Words are not enough but I send you warm and tender hugs of appreciation for the risks you take every day so that we feel safe. You are true heroes.”

Msureenfrom Leichhardt

“Thank you for your mighty efforts in this awful period. All of us on the Bay Islands treasure our ambos, police, fires, doctors, nurses and all of you facing this crisis on our behalf. Shedding a tear for all”

Jefffrom Macleay Island

“You are our Soldiers without the guns. GENUINE THANKYOU and biggest hugs to EVERY SINGLE Healthcare worker. Please stay safe and well in your amazing crusade. It is truly appreciated.”

Sharyn M from Shorncliffe

“You are special people and are truly appreciated. Thank you for making the world a better place for so many. Remember to take care of yourselves. Thank you.”


“To the many workers who go unseen in the hospital but without whom the place would collapse THANK YOU. I am a frequent patient due to chronic health and it's the subordinates, the student staff, the cleaners, the wardies and the kitchen staff who keep me sane. Your warm smiles, encouraging words and kind humanising respect for my existence that make it tolerable. I have no doubt you are all working beyond expectaions during this trying time. We appreciate you. Thank you.”

Jessefrom Mackay

“So proud of the dedication of every team member! A special shoutout to Dr Geoffrey Wu - keep up the fantastic work!”

Jemma P & Ambroise B

“Thank you for putting our loved ones & community first! You are all truly amazing, may karma be as kind and caring to you & your families. God bless you all x”

Team from Peak-A-Do

“To all the staff whatever your role ... you are a great blessing to our community. Praying for you all. BIG thank you.”


“I know you think, 'I'm just doing my job' but it's so so much more than that. Many of us are able to do our jobs online now without leaving the safety of our own homes. You are out there digging the trenches and fighting on the front line, giving up so much for those who are struggling. The comfort and hope you give to your patients is something they, and us, will never forget. Thank you doesn't seem enough. Our prayers go out to you for safety and strength. God bless.”


“Thank you!! We will forever be grateful for what you do day to day to keep us safe at home and others guys are the backbone keeping this country steady at this challenging time”



“To all the medically employed staff. Thank you so very much for your dedication you give each day especially in these very uncertain times.”

John and Juliefrom Springfield.

“A big thank you to all our health care workers both in Australia and around the world. Placing yourselves on the front line day after day caring for our sick and vulnerable is inspirational. You truly are heroes. God Bless You All”

Clivefrom Booval

“Thank you to everybody who is involved in this massive support. We are all one in this and we need everyone to work together and support each other.”

Peter and Gayle Boonah

“Thank you for being there to help anyone who requires help. There is nothing like feeling the security of your professional help when you are ill. Thank for your dedication being on the front line of this horrible virus putting your self and your families at risk to provide health support to everyone. To all Health workers in Queensland and Australia, we are very lucky to have the health system we have in this country.”

Janfrom Pine Mountain



“Thanks for all the support from your health workers even down to the cleaners of the hospital. I was classed as being at the frontline with many tasks in the Australian Army but now I consider all health workers to be the frontline in this difficult time putting your own lives at risk which I thank you for. Keep protected and stay safe!”

“Thank you Health Care Heroes for all the effort and care!”


“Shout out to all the mental health workers whose workload has just increased tenfold! Keep on keeping us keeping on”


“Thank you to the entire team for putting others before yourself! We can't survive this without each and every one of you. I hope that you are healthy and well throughout this tough period and when all of this is over, you get the respect and recognition you deserve! Thank you once again for everything that you are doing and keep up the good work!”


“You all make the world a safe and better place for us all. We are truly blessed and bless you all.”

Theresafrom Karalee

“Your community truly value the skill, patience and devotion you bring to your testing work every day! Thank you for your strength and kindness in the midst of uncertainty. God bless you and your families.”

Lorainefrom West Ipswich

“Thank you so much for your compassion and kindness for those who are in pain and suffering. You are our modern heroes! I pray that everyone can keep well and safe from harm during this pandemic. Eat well, sleep well, stay strong, you are much loved and appreciated.”


“You are the most important person's to my wife and immediate family, as you are doing a job( i understand that you like) but it is in difficult circumstances ATM. Never lose sight of the fact without your dedication and caring nurture for people where would we be. In all seriousness, where would we be, ask yourself that question if the shoe was on the other foot would you not be thankful that we have such dedicated people in our health system caring for you. So i am saying to each and everyone of you take a moment to yourself and put a smile on your face and give yourself an imaginary pat on the back for a job well done you deserve. And if i can find where the premier hides the petty cash tin i would give you all a pay rise too Phillip”

Phillipfrom Thorn street Ipswich

“Thank you so much for what you have done and doing in this crisis. Not sure where we would all be without you. You are all very special people and deserve only the best thing’s life can bring. THANK YOU”

Genevievefrom Silkstone

“Health care workers are so dedicated and I know they think ..we are just doing our job... but to us your all incredible hardworking, loyal caregivers. Thank you so much for...just doing your job...and being there for all of us in such a caring all rock. These are unprecedented times, you are all at the forefront and we all appreciate your efforts.”

Wendyfrom Barellan Point

“Thank you for your time and dedication.”


“Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication in keeping us all safe. Please look after yourselves too and know the people of West Moreton are very grateful!”

Margaretfrom Ipswich

“Hey Guys We understand and appreciate the effort and the commitment that is going into helping the community weather the COVID19 storm. Your selfless support is greatly appreciated but please take care also of yourselves, mentally as well as physically, as best you can. Cheers”

Chris and Lyn Tankey

“To everyone involved with health in the Ipswich area: For all your care and attention and dedication to our community at this time: we thank you. You show the very best of our Australian spirit at this very difficult time. You have our heartfelt thanks for looking after us in so many ways throughout any year but right now, in this time of chaos, you are definitely the centre of our thoughts and prayers. Stay Safe The Team at Harding Martin

“Always knew IGH and St Andrew’s staff would and will continue their caring work for the people of Ipswich and surrounds.”

Allyson Scovell

“Words cannot say THANK YOU loud enough to every single one of you, we would certainly not be where we are today without your dedication and determination. Very special people. Please take care all of you.”

Paulinefrom Sinnamon Park, formerley Brassall

“A very big thank you to all you hard-working people who are taking care of all who need it. Each & everyone of you is a hero. I hope you all realise just how much you are appreciated '”

Ann from Lowood

“We are all scared, but together we will win this fight. You beautiful people will always be in my heart. Stay safe”

Kimfrom Gailes

“Hello to all the health Staff of Ipwicich hospital we would love to a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to all of you. All everyone at the hospital is doing a great job being there to help everyone who is sick, you all are doing great work at this time but even when we weren't going through this we feel you still do your best from a cut to a major thing it doesn't matter you care about it So from all my family THANK YOU take care Gale & Ken Elder”

Gale Elderfrom Deebing Heights

“On behalf of the Ipswich District Neighbourhood Watch Committee, I just want to say a big thank you to all of our front line Health and Emergency Service workers. We appreciate all that you are doing for us in keeping our community healthy and safe. Please stay well yourselves we need each and everyone of you.”

Pam Lobwein - Chairperson

“Thank you to all our health workers, who are doing an amazing job. You are always heroes, even more so at this challenging time. We are so grateful to you for caring for us and risking your own lives, We are trying to care for you by isolating and social distancing. Remember to take care of yourselves and your families.”

Glenda and John

“To all involved a heart felt thankyou.”

John Veness

“In these difficult times, values such as solidarity, kindness and unity are even more important. Today, not only money but also words and gestures gain enormous power. They give hope and mobilize to act beyond strength. There are special people among us, people who are at the forefront of the fight against a pandemic. They save lives by risking their own. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Thomasfrom Perth

“Words cannot express our gratitude. To say Thank you seems so inadequate. We are gifted to have all of you. THANK YOU!!”


“A big thank you to all our doctors and nurses within the West Moreton Region for keeping us safe at great risk to yourselves and your families. I am involved with the Boonah Hospital, but this is a difficult time for all West Moreton Staff. May you all get through this pandemic safely, and I wish you all a successful outcome.”

Doreen Nason

“Asked children what they would like to say to the doctors, nurses, admin and other workers. Noah - thank you Ezra - thank you for taking care of us. Zara - thank you for taking care of us from the germs. Cerys- take care of themselves and the hospital. Love the children at Sunrise Kids Ipswich.”

Sunrise Kids

“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Your service to our community is truly appreciated.”

The Ballistic Teamfrom Springfield

“Thanks for facing the extra daily challenges, not only assist in winning the COVID19 war but in maintaining care to all those requiring medical assistance for a range of illnesses”

Wendyfrom Coalfalls

“Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the staff there; the wardies, the nurses, the cleaners, the admin, the dr's and everyone who makes Ipswich Hospital 🙂 This is another world, but for now rest assured we all value your efforts so much! Much love, support and best wishes!”

Amy, Rachel and Jenny from Nurses and Midwives Health

“Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. You are inspiring and leading the way not only today but for the next generation of medical professionals. They will use you as a benchmark for bravery and dedication in the face of an unprecedented enemy.”

Mother of doctor

“Thank you to all that you do and the sacrifices you are making - know that we are doing our best to stay at home. Sending you all tons of hugs and lots of love”


“Thanks to Paramedics, Police and Fire service officers, who work in the unprotected environment in order to be there for those who are in need at all hours, and in all kinds of conditions.”

KPfrom Ipswich

“Not all superheroes wear capes! Thank you for all you are and all you do! Ipswich Hospital and its heroes are amazing Big love”

Petafrom North Ipswich

“Our community, along with others across the nation owe so much to our healthcare workers. Thanks to you all that have made an impact so we in the West Moreton Community can feel that we are being cared for and looked after in this time. From the Frontline staff to the top-level administrators, well done.”

Dave Rosenthal from the Queensland Times

“Massive thanks to Dr Vicki Slinko from the Public Health Unit, and Trisha Hansen - Snr Engagement Officer - for bringing together all the consumer representatives across the WMH region, patiently listening to our questions, breaking down the science, and helping us deliver the answers with confidence to our community. West Moreton Health leading the way with agile, responsive and genuine consumer engagement. ”


“Thank you to the 5 oncology for still being there to look after my aunty during these hard times. You guys are so friendly and caring. ”

Kristy from Laidley

“Sincere thanks to the wonderful doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency service personnel, administrators, staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly, diligently, selflessly and compassionately during this difficult time. We owe a great deal to these dedicated people.”


“You are amazing and we can never show you how much we appreciate the risks and sacrifices you have made to care for others. Our gratitude and respect will not dwindle as this crisis does either. Thank you.”


“Your work is appreciated!! In this time and forever. Your kindness and generosity by being essential and frontline. Our scale of love and appreciation is through the roof and don’t forget it! All staff at WMH thank you!!!”


“Thank you to every one working hard to keep our health care systems running efficiently and keeping everyone safe and well. We really appreciate all you are doing for us.”

Marleyfrom Brisbane Girls Grammar School

“Dear Health Care Workers, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the incredible things that you do! I understand the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of distress and fear across the globe but you have done such amazing things during this crisis and we are forever in the debt of your bravery, intelligence, and kind hearts. Not only have you helped get us through this pandemic, but you have also done so many things prior that have gone without notice. Your everyday hard-work and determination are truly inspiring and knowing that no matter what happens you are always willing to help us in whatever way you can is so underappreciated. From helping kids with flu to saving lives, your service to this world should never go unnoticed. Thank you for everything that you do and will continue to do to help us through this pandemic, and for everything that goes on behind the scenes that makes us as fortunate as we are to have you in this world.”

Elizabethfrom Brisbane Girls Grammar School

“We are all thinking of you, thank you for for all the sacrifices you make to keep us happy and healthy!”


“Thank you so much to all the health care workers who are bringing us through this difficult time. We are so grateful for all your work, not only towards coronavirus but also towards other health conditions.”

“Thank you so much to all health care workers for putting your lives on the line for others. Your commitment, care and leadership during these uncertain times is truly inspiring and our community is so lucky to have people like you! Thinking of you all, best wishes!”

Abbyfrom BGGS

“Thank you for backing Australia during these uncertain times, your bravery deserves all the gold medals in the world! Wishing you all the best, thinking of you all.”

Charlottefrom BGGS

“A simple thank you isn't enough to thank you for everything you do. You're the shining light at the end of this dim tunnel and when we make it out of these prevalent times, it will be thankful to you and only you! Thank you for all the work you do!”

“ Wonderful work guys and thank you all for working so hard to keep us all safe. When we read the awful situations in USA and EU, it really hits home and makes us all appreciate what great work all The Australian Health workers are doing.”

Gordonfrom Tamborine

“Hello Health Heroes! I can not thank you enough for all of the excellent work you have been doing on the front line. Your persistence and work ethic is truly admirable and sincerely appreciated, always willing to provide care and comfort to those in need. You really are heroes. Thank you!”

Izzyfrom Brisbane

“A huge thank you to all the staff at every health care place- from the doctors and nurses to the cleaners and administrators. We owe you so much and hope you know how much we appreciate you. You’re the real life super heroes”

Rebeccafrom Brisbane

“Thank you for your sheer courage, hard work, and sacrifice. Courage and willingness to confront this situation head-on has been amazing and has helped countless numbers of people. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, words can’t express our gratitude for your work and dedication. Thank you for making the hard personal sacrifices you have made to protect us, even when you are exhausted, during this scary time. Thank you for your selfless service during this time. Heros wear scrubs!”

Annabelfrom BGGS

“Thank you to everyone who is working hard to support our community during this tough time. Not just the doctors and nurses but also the cleaners who have had a significant increase in workload and any care workers who are donating their time to help others. I hope you understand that we all appreciate you so much and wish you all the best during the unprecedented times ahead.”


“Don’t give up!! You are the reason why we can live so comfortably. We are unimaginably thankful for your contribution and we are rooting for you!! No matter what anyone says, you need to know you are the real heroes and know that we appreciate you! Thank you for your efforts!! We love you :)”

Emerfrom Melbourne

“Hi to all our amazing health workers, We appreciate all you do for us in normal times. When we have our accidents, health conditions and all the other illnesses and ailments you help us through. You guys and girls do some fabulous things to get us back home and to our favourite past times. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To see you all step up in this uncertain time and put yourselves and your loved ones at risk is an inspiration to us all, we want you to know that we don't take that for granted. We appreciate every single one of you. Every single day.”

The Team from Willowbank MX

“Thank you so much! All the work that you are doing during this time is amazing. You are wonderful people and we love you for it.”

Naughty Little Kids Goat Dairy from Peak Crossing

“You guys are truly awesome in saving many lives in this pandemic crisis. Heartful thanks to everyone working so hard. I Pray the Almighty to protect all of us.”


“Whenever I get tired to be at home and do homeschooling and my own job just thinks to all of you guys. I feel guilty even think to go somewhere else. It is not fair to make trouble for you. We should take care of ourselves to protect you. Actually, it is the whole things that we can do it. A big thank you from my heart”


“Your devotion to help the people who need your skills at such times is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for caring and saving the people who we love. Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed. I believe that the courage shown by everyone in the health system will change our views and opinions forever. Thank you and good luck.”

Neil Harding from IHF Chair

“Thank you all so much for your hard work, you're doing so well and you are helping so many people. You are so important to the community and I hope you all are taking care of yourselves.”

Melissafrom Spring Hill

“As a former patient, I know how hard the staff works. I would like to thank you for past and future commitments, you are all heroes in my eyes, especially in this hard time. Thank you 🙏 ”

Judithfrom Laidley

“Thank you all the Health Workers who are putting in their all and looking after everyone who needs it. We truly would not be in the same position without you. :)”

Caitlinfrom BGGS

“Thank you to all of the health-care workers who are working tirelessly on the front line. It is your care, dedication and effort that will and has already helped us through this pandemic. Your efforts are truly life-changing- thank you and stay safe!”

Isabel Shorrock-Browne

“Where would be without your help, we have a daughter who is a nurse. Your work is so underrated, thank you and God Bless you all and keep you safe. Stay safe yourself and your families.”


“Hi to all you heroes working at all levels within our health care system in these uncertain times. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do, nurses, doctor, food service, cleaners & ward personnel. JUST LOVE YOUR WORK !!! Stay safe and strong, and don't forget to be kind to yourselves ❤❤❤❤”

Jo Eagleton & family

“We are so proud of each and every one of you giving selflessly every day to keep us safe. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves too and feel the love and support we are sending each and every one of you every day....THANK YOU!!!!”

Renee, Nathan and Aunty Carolyn

“Want to thank the staff of Ipswich Emergency Department for their efforts on Thursday 16th April when I was bought in, in pretty rough condition. As well as the Nurse and Doctor who escorted my transfer to the PA Hospital. You made the event so much better to cope with.”

James Halliday

“Thank you for all your amazing work you all do in such a difficult time with this virus......Putting yourself at risk but at the same time helping save the lives of our community.............WE SAY A MASSIVE THANKYOU 💯💖💋🙏”

“Thank you all for your service to our community, your family and friends must be very proud of you all, please keep safe, you are all doing a super job.”


“ThankS to the WM Public Health Team. Your tireless efforts to trace all cases and contacts have helped keep our cases to a minimum. You've done and amazing job and helped kept our residents safe!”

Catherinefrom Ipswich

“Thank you to all the Hospital staff who strive to keep us well. Don't forget to take good care of yourselves too. ”

Barbarafrom Silkstone

“Thank you so much for working so hard to keep us safe.”

Judefrom East Ipswich

“Thank you so much for all that you do, especially in these challenging times. Keep up the hard work and know that you have our eternal gratitude.”

Ewe Lin from Lewisham

“Thank you very much for all your dedication and service, putting your own lives at risk to save ours. You are truly appreciated and we are grateful”

Tracyfrom Springfield

“Thank you. Stay Safe.”

“On behalf of the entire crew from the Ipswich Jets Rugby League Football Club, we want to thank our local Health Heroes of the West Moreton region for the self-sacrifice, dedication and tremendous work you have done during this terrible global disaster.”

The Jets Leagues Club

“Thank you to all the Health Heroes for all your hard work!! You were heroes well before this all started, and you will remain heroes long after! Keep up the great work, and know that you are helping us all! Bloody legends!!”

Billfrom Perth

“Thank you for keeping our communities safe and helping those in need through very tough times. You are all doing a fantastic job.”

Lynfrom Somerset

“Thank you so much you legends keep up the good work your so awesome :)”

“Thank you all so much for your quiet determination and considered support for all who cross your path. You are all our health carers and we appreciate the love you give in caring for our loved ones. Thank you.”

Bronfrom Hazeldean

“Thanking and acknowledging remarkable Queenslanders is the most inspiring aspect of being Governor of our State. There are few to whom our contemporary society owes a greater debt of gratitude than our healthcare workforce. As I remarked in my 2020 ANZAC Day Address, dedicated to military nurses, our health professionals have all proven throughout COVID-19 to be a special kind of angel – professional to the core, tough, resilient, enterprising, and compassionate. There is more to be done, but Queenslanders have been assured by the calm professionalism of the health response to date. It is a cohesive State which acknowledges the importance of these contributions, as they really do help define who we are as Queenslanders. As Governor, I therefore thank the Ipswich Hospital Foundation for enabling us all to express our support by sending a ‘Hero-gram’. To all frontline heroes, and their magnificent support contingent, thank you on behalf of all Queenslanders – you have Kaye’s and my enduring respect and gratitude.”

His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey ACGovernor of Queensland

“Thank you to the excellent doctors, nurses and health services who support our community”

Estellefrom Esk

“Living in the bush I appreciate the health services available to us in times of need. Thank you to all involved.”

Archiefrom Kingaroy

“Thank you”


Our Community is getting behind our Health Heroes with more than messages too!

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To Shave the Beard or not to Shave the Beard? That is the Question. 

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“We drank wine, and we wore wigs and we raised money for a great local cause”

Wig & Wine Evening raises $500 for Cancer Patient Wigs

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“We drank wine, and we wore wigs and we raised money for a great local cause”

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