go pink chair

2021 Go Pink campaign was a huge success, smashing our fundraising target, and we were able to purchase new mobile stereotactic chairs for Breast Cancer treatment within West Moreton Health.

These specialised chairs can help get women and patients into the correct, comfortable, and safe position during mammography screenings and stereotactic breast biopsy procedures.

One in seven women will develop breast cancer by the age of 85. Finding breast cancer early can increase treatment option and save lives. A breast screen only takes 30 mins.

AmandaNurse Unit Manager

Having the right people around you is so important during treatment. The support network you have, friends, family and colleagues are just as important as the team and equipment at the Hospital.

EmmaCurrent Breast Cancer Patient

A stereotactic breast biopsy chair can make a huge difference to the experience. The chair can make the experience so much more comfortable.

LeilaPrevious Breast Cancer Patient

“Having breast cancer is like rollercoaster. What a breast cancer nurse does is make those big ups and big downs as level as possible"

KarenMcGrath Breast Care Nurse

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