Get fit at your desk and seat

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Desk exercise with a leg extension

It’s 1 o’clock in the arvo…  the day’s not over just yet. Already – your eyes are sleepy, fingers are weak and your mind is heavy. The coffee you drank no longer spikes your energy.

Well, studies have shown that sitting down while working long hours without any physical activity can lead to tiredness, low productivity, and several health problems.

Can’t find time to exercise? Then let’s make time by spicing up our sedentary routine by incorporating these simple workouts.

First, Kick the Stress Away

While working through your e-mails, you can also work your leg muscles by extending one leg off your seat (like a slow kick); hold for 3 seconds, then relax. Alternate with your other leg. Our Goal: 10 leg raises on each leg.

Leg extensions on your chair

It’s Crunch Time! (for the abs)

The pressure’s on, core muscles! Slightly move forward and lean back ‘til your shoulder blades touch your chair. Now, grab the sides of your seat and do crunches by lifting your knees close to your chest. Engage those abs. Our Goal: 10 crunch reps.

Seated Ab Crunches

H20 Curls

Besides staying on your desk, your bottled water has other functions too. That is, to hydrate you and tone your arms! Take a sip of water, then let the arm holding the bottle hang by your side. While your palms are facing up, curl the bottle up until it levels with your shoulders. Flex ‘em biceps, then slowly lower the bottle. Our Goal: 10 reps on each arm.

Bicep curls with a water bottle

Now, Stand and Rise

This movement will not only give you more height (for a second), but also calf muscles and ankle stability. Hold on to your desk or the back of your chair and lift your heels up, right on to your toes. Then, slowly lower your heels. Do these 15 times!

Calf raises while holding your desk or chair

Grip and Dip

Two requirements: determination and a sturdy chair. From sitting down, move your torso forward off the chair with your fingers gripping on the front edge of your seat (forming a 90° angle). Then, inhale and slowly lower your body. You should feel your triceps thanking you for this. Our goal: 10 dips.

Chair dips for your arms

Revolve and Evolve

Remember playing around with swivel chairs as a kid? Little did you know, your obliques were in training. So hold on tight to your desk, you’re in for a ride. As you sit upright on your chair, hover your feet off the floor and start swiveling your body; tighten and focus on your abs. Our Goal: 10 swivels.

Chair Swivels while holding the desk for obliques


Finally, Walk it like you Talk it

Are you on a long phone call with your boss? Instead of being glued to your seat, amp up your multitasking skills by walking back and forth around the room. Feel free to add little exercises while you’re at it too.  This stimulates the blood flow to your brain, helping you form better ideas.

Get up from the seat and walk around the room


Stay active, friends!


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