Every donation helps us make a difference in the lives of our community members. Ipswich Hospital Foundation uses funds raised to provide low cost fitness activities, health information and free sunscreen for local pools, schools, community groups and healthy events.

Funds raised are also used for the purchase of patient entertainment and distraction tools, medical equipment and staff improvement grants to enhance our local hospital and health service.

An example of how your donated dollars can be used:



Given out free of charge to people who sign up to Ipswich Healthy4Life, in order to encourage the community to keep walking.


1L bottle of sunscreen

Which is given out free to the community and are supplied to regional swimming pools and sporting clubs.


One Fit4Life Session

Weekly fitness sessions are run by qualified trainers and acquire a cost.


Entertainment Pack

Portable DVD player and dvd’s for children to use while staying in hospital.


Diversionary Play Therapy

Funds going to the Sunshine Circle Children’s Ward for one month’s Diversionary Play Therapy.


Funding for PHD scholarship

For Queensland Centre of Mental Health Research for one fortnight.

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