Do you want to be a duathlete?

Then take the opportunity to experience the Ipswich City Rotary TUFFKIDZ mini duathlon.


These event are specifically designed for all children in grades Prep - High School who want to be duathlete for a day and a registered TUFFKID.

How will the day run?

Time Triathlon Event Grade
7.00am Run 200m, Bike 800m, Run 200m Prep
7.10am Run200m, Bike 800m, Run 200m 1
7.20am Run 300m, Bike 1200m, Run 300m 2
7.30am Run 400m, Bike 1600m, Run 400m 3
7.45am Run 400m, Bike 2000m, Run 400m 4
8.00am Run 500m, Bike 2000m, Run 500m 5
8.15am Run 600m, Bike 2400m, Run 600m 6
8.30am Run 800m, Bike 3200m, Run 800m High school
8.45am Presentations All

Order of events/legs

1st - Run Leg

2nd - BikeLeg

3rd - Run Leg