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The Ipswich Hospital Volunteer program encompasses varying levels of participation.  It is a structured and regular commitment involving minimum 4 hourly shifts, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.


Meet & Greet

Purpose: To provide a friendly face and directions to patients and visitors of the hospital



  • Provide directions  to patients and visitors of the hospital
  • Accompany patients and visitors to wards/outpatients of the hospital
  • Level 2 – Assist in collating information/resources as needed
  • Level 2 & 6 – Hand out directional leaflets


Outpatients & Antenatal

Purpose: To assist patients in checking in for appointments



  • Provide assistance to patients in completing the check in process of Queue Manager computer system
  • Direct patients to the relevant waiting area’s


Parents In Theatre

Purpose: To assist and support the family of children having surgery



  • Support, prepare and guide parents, and carers prior to, during and after induction of anaesthesia.
  • To make the experience less overwhelming for everyone


Helping Hands/Aged Care Orthopaedic

Purpose:  Volunteers provide supplementary care to elderly patients, primarily focusing on those who are confused or cognitively impaired. The volunteers assist in maintaining safety and improving the hospital experience by providing practical support, comfort and supervision.



  • The position requires empathy for older people and an ability to quickly and easily build rapport and remain calm with both patients and staff. A mature and positive attitude and good physical and emotional health is required alongside having initiative, being adaptable and being able to recognise ones limitations and ask for assistance when necessary.


Volunteers do not provide personal care, reposition/lifting patients in bed, perform bed/chair transfers, feeding patient and undertake counselling or give advice.


Training will be provided.



Purpose: To assist the clinical team members in providing unit-based programs

                 To be provided with the opportunity for learning/experience within the area

                 Top provide patient and family-centred opportunity for learning/experience within the area



  •  Assist nursing, recreational officer and allied health staff with a wide range of program activities such as: arts, crafts, gardening, bingo, and general activities as directed.
  • Engage with patients through conversation and activities that have been recommended by the recreational officer and other staff


Heart Support Group


Heart Support Australia members have all experienced the trauma associated with having a heart condition; either as a patient, a spouse/partner or as a parent of a child.

Talking to one of our members is about sharing the thoughts, emotions and fears that you think no one else will understand.


Palliative Care

Purpose:  Communicating to patients and assisting staff where required.



  •  Read to patients
  • Spend time with patients when there is no family present
  • Generally improve the quality of life to patients in an appropriate manner


Children’s Ward – Play Scheme

Purpose: To provide a volunteer based program which offers play activities that are culturally and age appropriate for children within the hospital.



  • Interact/play with children within the ward area and clinics
  • Spend time with children when there is no parental supervision
  • Undertake activities such as reading, playing games, watching TV, put on DVD’s


Special Care Nursery

Purpose: To offer assistance with babies when the parents are not available



  • Interact/nurse the babies if they are unsettled within the ward when there is no parent available
  • Undertake activities such as stocking supplies


PET Surveys (Patient Experience Tracker)

Purpose:  To help WMHS gauge customer satisfaction



  • Using an Ipad – visit various areas of the hospital and have the patients undertake a survey


AE Wilcox Museum

Aims to preserve items of historical importance to the Ipswich Hospital and the wider Ipswich Community.


By becoming a Volunteer you will meet new people; gain experience in running a museum; learn about, and help to preserve the history of the Ipswich Hospital.


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