“Handling of Neurological Patients with a Hemiparesis” DVD


Produced by: Queensland Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Network (QRPN)


  This educational resource is designed as a rehabilitation tool to help guide staff in the                                   handling of neurological patients with a hemiparesis. It is designed to complement existing patient handling training packages and is in no way intended as a substitute.


The target audience is staff involved in handling neurological patients with a hemiparesis including nursing and allied health staff, therapy assistants, students and operational officers.  Clinical reasoning by a suitably trained staff member still needs to be applied to each specific circumstance.


It is therefore NOT designed for carers or family of stroke patients as it does not cater for individual needs.


The DVD is 45 minutes in length and is formatted in three easy to access modules:


1. Introduction (4 min)


2. On-bed tasks including a variety of tasks such as positioning, rolling and sitting up in bed (17 min)


3. Off-bed tasks including a variety of transfers and positioning in a bedside chair/wheelchair (24 min)


The second and third modules contain multiple smaller components focusing on different aspects of neurological patient handling for various activities. The modules can be viewed in “play all” mode or the smaller 1 to 2 minute components can be selected individually.


This allows for flexibility in the way the DVD can be used by services depending on time available to staff.


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